What I love about my pontoon boat is the fact that I can accessorize it with some custom additions to really make it stand out from the crowd. With the large deck space, railings, and interior elements it’s possible to hook or mount a wide range of accessories on-board that not only will look great but can also enhance your fun whilst on the water.

I am always on the lookout to see what I can buy next to customize my toon, and here’s just a short selection of some of the best pontoon boat accessories that I have either already fitted or am planning to do so.

This top 15 list of cool pontoon boat accessories are definitely worth a look and are sure to be conversation starters (or stoppers) down by the waterside or whilst out on your next trip.

1. LED Lighting Kit

Do you fancy customizing your pontoon boat to look a bit like KITT from Knight Rider? I did, and fitted some cool looking LED lighting underneath the deck. You can see what LED lights look like in the photo below – awesome isn’t it?

green lighting

These green lights will look absolutely stunning on your pontoon boat (image shared on Facebook, credit unknown).

It’s certainly not something you will want to have switched on all the time, and in fact, you might want to check your local state laws to make sure there’s no legislation barring you from doing so – but if it’s all good to go then they can make for a really fun accessory.

Once switched on using the remote control, the water under your pontoon lights up like a Christmas tree and adds a great atmospheric look and feel. I remember last year on the 4th of July when I anchored up next to 3 other pontoons, all of whom has under deck LED lighting on… it made for an amazing spectacle.

Pontoon boat LED lights also don’t use masses of power, and are very economical, in fact, more so than standard lighting. That gives you even more reasons to buy!

I use and recommend the RecPro LED lighting kit on Amazon. Click here to see latest prices.

3. Eagle Claw Rod Holder with C-Mount

One for the fishermen and women now with this fun looking and functional fishing rod holder. It uses a C-clamp top and can support all types of rods, with a rotation angle of 360 degrees. The corrosion resistant material means it should last you for years and years, whilst withstanding all the punishment that can occur on a typical day’s fishing.

With different locking positions, it’s a must-have accessory for anybody who uses their pontoon boat for fishing and can be mounted on any rail up to 2 inches thick.

It’s affordable too, as I picked mine up for less than $50 last year. Want to know more? Go take a look at the Eagle Claw on Amazon.

4. Wise Stainless Steel Dual Pontoon Cup Holders

With all that fishing and fun you’re having on the pontoon, sometimes you just need to just sit back, grab a drink, and relax. What better way to do that by having attachable cup holders mounted to your rails within easy reach?

If you like to entertain guests on board, you will know that sometimes your pontoon boat won’t have enough cup holders to accommodate for everyone on board. Personally, I recommend buying a couple of these, and mounting them in strategic positions along the deck.

These recommended accessories are made from marine grade vinyl, foam, and stainless steel. They look great, work really well, and can even double-up as arm rests. They truly are that comfortable.

Go buy a couple on Amazon. You can see the Wise Cup Holders and how much they cost, and whether they are in stock – they do tend to sell out due to their popularity so be quick.

5. Transom Mount Tackle Rack for 4 Fishing Rods

Another fishing suggestion now, with a fishing rod rack for those pontooners who carry a lot of rods, or who are planning on a fishing trip with their buddies.

The Taco Marine rack can hold up to 4 fishing rods and is made from high density polyethylene which stays stable and shouldn’t break. It takes just seconds to assemble with a compact design big enough to hold spinning and conventional tackle.

It’s a perfect fishing accessory for a pontoon boat and with mine I didn’t even need to fit the bottom section due to the way it simply snaps over the rail securely.

Go take a look on Amazon to read the reviews for yourself. It’s a great product, and I simply couldn’t do without it.

6. Fencing-Mount Barbecue Grill Kit

Now you’ve caught those fish, it’s time to barbecue! And what better way to do that with a fencing mount grill?

If your pontoon doesn’t come with a factory installed grill, then you need to buy these mounts and get one now – and this one here will attach easily onto your rail, so you can cook over the water (you can also read my top 5 grill reviews).

This recommended accessory uses a simple bracket that you can hook and secure to your rails, and then place any portable camping stove underneath. If you don’t have your own portable camping stove, then you can also buy the complete kit on Amazon to accompany the grill. It will mount to a 1.25-inch pontoon boat railing, and doesn’t require any tools – in fact, it should take no longer than 5 minutes to set-up properly and get grilling.

7. Bungee Dock Lines

Previously on Pontoonopedia I have spoken about how I use a bungee dock line to help me anchor to the beach. They are a must-have accessory, are cheap, and really simple to use.

They aren’t just good for the beach though, as they are actually mainly used for connecting to the dock easily and quickly. Bungee dock lines (see the AirHead range) are certainly a lot better than most solutions, as the bungee allows for a little bit of wave movement.

Buy a couple of them and store them under the seats for when you need them. The foam pieces won’t rub on your boat, and you will soon wonder how you lived without them.

8. Emergency Spotlight

If you decided against buying the LED lighting I previously recommended, then you might need some support when docking at night, and the best tool for the job would be an emergency spotlight – the FatMax is amazing.

They are much more powerful than pontoon docking lights, are handheld, waterproof, and rugged meaning you can brightly highlight where you need to dock, whilst navigating safely and securely into position.

This recommended pontoon accessory has a battery life of 7 hours when fully charged and will help you get back to shore or dock no matter how much light you have (or don’t have). It’s an exceptional product and is manufactured by the famous Stanley brand.

9. LilliPad Diving Board

Something a lot more expensive now, but who wouldn’t want a diving board on their pontoon boat? Yes, that’s right, a diving board!

Whilst most pontooners will be familiar with pulling tubes and rings around the water, that’s just a pretty standard pontoon activity. But diving? That’s taking things to a completely new level.

The Lillipad diving board is not a cheap accessory, but just think about the hours of fun that your kids and guests can have… and all whilst you sit back and relax with a cold beer in your hand. That little bit of respite for the captain is probably worth the money spent alone!

10. Pontoon Boat Fire Pit

Sticking with the pricier end of the market for pontoon boat accessories how about a fire pit? Yes, you heard me right a fire pit. Makes sense though, considering pontoons are considering to be floating patios why not have a fire pit on board?

After a hard days fishing, or diving off that board, what better way to warm up in the comfort of your own boat?

I can’t vouch for the safety or practicality of this item, as I’ve never owned or seen one being used. But it certainly does peak my interest. You can check them out on the PontoonIt website by clicking here.

11. Adidas Boat Shoes

Adidas is my favorite shoe brand, so when I found out that they sell pontoon deck and boat shoes, I got my credit card out and begged them to take my money.

Whilst they are designed for boating, with the drain holes to help keep your feet dry, strong grip, and waterproof materials, I wear mine day to day – they look that good.

I don’t have much more to say about them other than I love mine. And I think you would too. You can buy these Adidas boat shoes on Amazon whilst stocks last.

12. Pontoon Boat Corner Bumpers

Have you ever damaged your pontoon when in dock? It’s easily done with the waves lapping around that push your boat, plus the added effect of passengers walking out and about. It’s a pain isn’t it, and absolutely drives me mad. 

But, that was until I bought some corner bumpers. You can see them here. 

Fit them to your pontoon and you can wave a happy goodbye to all those annoying bumps, dents, and scratches – keeping your pontoon boat looking shiny and new, and helping to keep its value for when you ever decide to sell it on. 

Please note, there are two different versions; square ones and rounded corner ones so make sure to buy the correct shape to fit your pontoon boat properly. For more information read my guide as to what size bumpers you need and which are the best.

12. Moeller Live Well Tanks

Back onto fishing now, with an essential accessory that all fishing pontooners simply must have if their boat doesn’t already come with pre-fitted live well.

What is a live well? It’s a handy fishing accessory that lets you keep live bait and fresh fish at hand for your trips. You can buy different sizes ranging from 23 to 100 gallons, and these ones that I recommend can be easily mounted to the deck surface on your pontoon.

Durable, rugged, and built to last, the Moeller live well tanks come in various colors and shapes so you should be able to find one that matches the interior décor of your boat.

13. Controllable Interior Lighting

Back into a lighting accessory now, with these interior lights that you can actually remotely control using a small handheld device. We truly are living in the future, aren’t we?

Is this an essential pontoon boat accessory? Absolutely not. So why buy them? Simply because they look super cool and you can change the colors with one press of a button on the remote control.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

But here’s the clincher. You can set the lights up to interact with your music system so when you’re pumping the beats out from your sub-woofer, the lights will pulse in time to the music. It’s stunning really and why not turn your pontoon into a nightclub?

Want to know more? Take a look at the OPT7 Boat Interior lighting kit.

14. Key Ring Floats & Telescopic Boat Hook

Something a lot more practical now, with these key ring floats. They do exactly what you think they do and could help you get out of a sticky situation.

There’s not really much more to say about these, other than buy some now, attach them to your keys, and then have the peace of mind in knowing if you drop your keys in the water you will be able to fetch them out… possibly with the help of a telescopic boat hook.

15. TurboSwing Ski Tow Bar

And last but not least, a swing bar to help you get the most out of a day’s tubing or water skiing. Why use a swing bar though? What it does it gets your tow rope above the water, helps to reduce drag, improves speed, and the smoothness of the ride.

Whilst pontoon boats are not renowned for their performance, using a swing bar for pulling skis or tubes could significantly improve the fun to be had. The pulley on the bar slides from side to side, letting the skier or tuber have an even better time than they did before. You can see the TurboSwing Tow Bar on Amazon.

Buy one if water sports are your thing and you plan on making the most from your sunny days out on the lake.

Final Thoughts on Pontoon Boat Accessories

I hope that you have found one or two items here which you think could be a great addition to your boat. By adding a few of these, your boat is bound to be the talk of the water next time you take it out.

But, this is truly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pimping and accessorizing your ride – I’ve got some other recommendations you might also want to check out on the links below:

Header image copyright Avalon Luxury Pontoons