There’s been a great new small pontoon boat released this year, and I have been lucky enough to get into it and give it a test drive. What is it? It’s the 2018 Sylvan M5 LZ DC. It’s expensive, but really is one of the better luxury models you will ever see.

It looks stunning, features impressive performance and has a large number of entertainment amenities that’s bound to make it one of the best-selling smaller pontoon boats of 2018.

But what’s it actually like out on the water and inside?

On the Water & the Interior

After taking a couple of turns in the Sylvan M5, it soon becomes clear that this really is pontoon boating luxury redefined. I would go so far to say that it’s taken things to the next level.

Everything you see and touch in the boat is exceptional, from the windshield trim, to the dash, and even the way in which you can sit at the raised helm. There’s an amazing attention to detail, even the floor mats that are set throughout the deck look like quality – which is a rare occurrence in most pontoon boats I have reviewed and tested.

It’s pretty clear that the boat engineers at the Sylvan factory have taken a huge amount of time so put as many features into this boat and take it as many steps further in terms of luxury as they possibly can.

It’s a great pontoon boat for those who want to entertain their friends. For example, there is innovative little feature with a fold-out galley built into the back of the chair back on the rear lounge – it’s an absolutely stunning design feature. You can see it in the photo.

The bell gate is treated with a nice vinyl and a nice fiberglass cap over the top. Unlike many gates on pontoons, when you lift this gate you know you’re lifting a very solid piece of material which has been designed to an exceptional standard.

The rear gate has beautiful padding on the inside, and again feels very sturdy. You know you’ve got a good solid gate behind you, with a nice wide opening.

Performance, Handling, & Speed

But, this pontoon boat isn’t just about the luxury.

It also has very unique performance too. Underneath the deck, what you can’t see is Sylvan’s SPX Performance Package. This includes lifting strakes and the PR 25 center tube.

What that gives is the ability for you to trim this pontoon up with the peace of mind in knowing that it’s going to handle well in the corners and at any speeds, not matter what we’re doing with it.

I would say that it is actually very similar to how a bow rider or fiberglass boat would run and handle. Really well!

Another reason that you might want to consider buying this pontoon is the look and feel. Just take a look at the water sports which includes an incredible set of Wet Sounds speakers, all backed up by a Kicker stereo system with all the peripherals that you would need to go out and enjoy yourself on a beautiful day.

Final Thoughts

Quite literally, everything about this boat screams luxury. From the performance factors that the lifting strakes underneath offer, to just everything inside of this boat gives you an insanely gorgeous pontoon boat.

Expect to pay around $130,000 – yes, that’s an insane amount of money, but it truly is an insane high performance, luxury end pontoon boat.

  • Engine: Yamaha F300
  • Prop: Yamaha Saltwater Series II 15 1/2″ x 16″ 3-blade stainless steel
  • Gear Ratio: 1.75:1
  • Fuel Load: 52 gal.
  • Crew Weight: 155 lb