My wife and I started boating with our kids from a very young age. In fact, our youngest son took his first trip on our pontoon boat when he was only 3 months old.

And just because you have a newborn it doesn’t mean that your love of the water should stop. In fact, the younger you introduce them to your boat, the better. Our older kids are now very comfortable on our boat and are extremely knowledgeable of safety too.

It’s a life skill that you can’t really put a value on.

When it came to our youngest baby, both my wife and I soon realized that some products are better than others. There are some marine stores that sell accessories designed as baby boat gear, when in fact they aren’t always that great.

Some of the best baby boat gear is absolutely essential, functional, and designed with safety in mind.

Other accessories and gadgets are simply fun and comfortable that will make you and your baby’s time on the boat so much more memorable, and not to mention easy!

Every accessory and product that we recommend on this page we have personally used with our own baby. They offer great value for money, are safe to use, and you will end up using at some point whilst at sea or on a lake or river.

So, without further ado, here are the very best products that fall in the baby boat gear category including eating and playing gear, and most importantly, safety gear or accessories.

I firmly believe that if you own a boat and have a young family including newborns, babies, infants, toddlers, and older children up to teenagers, then the best memories you will make will be on board.

I hope that you enjoy our list of the best boating gear you would ever need for your baby or toddler as much as we have down the years!

1. Baby Life Jacket

By far the most important accessory you will ever own will be an infant life jacket. The thing to look for can be shown in this handy infographic I prepared below, followed by our recommendations on what the best brands on the market currently are.