The summer season is nearly upon us, so what better time to start making sure your pontoon boat is all in order. I’ve recently taken mine out of storage and felt it was time to make a few little alterations before I get her down to the marina.

But there’s one last thing I wanted to add, and that’s a Bimini flag holder and mount, with an American stars and stripes flag placed into it. I saw loads of pontoon boats with these Bimini top flag mounts last summer and promised myself I would get one set-up.

To get the same result I did, here’s what I recommend and what I bought. You will need:

  1. Bimini top flag mount / pole / holder (call it what you will)
  2. Ski flag and pole
  3. American flag for a pontoon boat

#1. Best Bimini flag holder / mount

You have probably heard of Airhead. They make some of the best accessories for boating. For years now we’ve used their inflatable tubes, and never had any complaints.

Based on my love of this brand, I had no hesitation in buying the Airhead Bimini Top Flag Holder on Amazon. It doesn’t break the bank, it attaches to your Bimini’s top support poles, and flies above the top clearly, to let everyone see your flag clearly!

Here’s what you get:

  • Attaches to boat Bimini top support poles
  • Allows safety flag to fly above the top, enabling other boaters to see it
  • Crafted from polished anodized aluminum
  • Soft polymer caps are designed to eliminate rattling
  • Designed to work with AIRHEAD 4-foot water sports flag

#2. Red ski flag

It’s actually designed to take the water ski flag to use when towing tubers and skiers. If you haven’t got a ski flag, you should buy one.

Again, I recommend the Airhead water ski flag on Amazon. It will work perfectly with their Bimini flag mount.

But here’s the thing. You can also put an American or Texas flag into it too!

#3: American flag and pole

I won’t recommend which American flag I used on this page, as I’ve put together a completely different guide to the best Stars and Stripes flags you can get (even including a pirate one!).

Click here to see which American flags I recommend for your boat.

But, just buy one of those, and with a little bit of effort, you can get it to fly just as well from your Bimini top flag pole holder like I did.

Reviews and notes on the Bimini flag holder

Talking a little more about the Bimini flag mount, what’s the final verdict on it? Well, I’ve only just put it in, and I haven’t even got out onto the water yet, so it’s early days.

All I will say, is that Airhead are a great brand who have never let me down.

If you look at the reviews on Amazon, they are pretty consistent. Some of the highlights and most common comments left include things such as:

  • Looks solid and high quality
  • Excellent Bimini top flag holder pole
  • Works very well and is easy to set-up
  • It keeps the flag in place at all times
  • Very reasonably priced and simple to use
  • Keeps the flag pole in place nice and tight
  • Easy to mount and simple to operate

Do you need a replacement Bimini top?

If you’ve just checked on your pontoon boat for the first time since last summer, chances are that it could be time to replace your Bimini.

Recently I’ve put together a guide on the best replacement Bimini tops, including double and electric versions. Go read that to get yourself a deal this year.

The last word…

It’s never been easy for boat owners who have a Bimini top to properly place their flag on view. For those who love water sports, it’s been an even bigger pain in the rear.

But that’s no longer an issue with the Airhead Bimini top flag holder.

Buy one of these and you will no longer have to hold the flag in your hand underneath your Bimini fabric. Instead, it will fly up top so any other boats can see it.

That means you can get on with other things, instead of having to hold that flag up.

It takes just seconds to connect it up to one of your Bimini poles with the zip ties and caps.

Go check it out!