If you’ve not customized your deck boat with some cool accessories, then you are genuinely missing out on potentially a lot of fun. There is so much you can do and buy, some of which are quite simply must-have accessories for a deck boat, whilst other are simply just fun to have.

You’re going to make some great memories on your deck boat, whether that’s with your family and friends or whilst with some of your fishing buddies.

Below is a large list of deck boat accessories split into various categories. You might not see something you like in the initial must-have section, so scroll down to see the fun or cool options for gadgets and add-ons you can buy today.

Must-Have Deck Boat Accessories

Safety first is an essential ethos that any boater should follow, and none more so than on a deck boat. Below is a list of the must-have accessories and gadgets that you simply need to have on your boat now.

1. Waterproof Lanyard

When you’re on your boat there’s one thing that is guaranteed, and that’s getting wet! But in this age of social media and constant communications, chances are you’ve got your smartphone with you.

And you don’t want that to get wet, or even drop it into the water.

That’s where a waterproof lanyard can help. Simply hang it around your neck and worry no more about ruining your phone.

2. Key Floats

Even more scary is the thought of possibly losing your keys. If you’re reaching over the side, or are just a little careless, you can easily drop them into the water.

Attach some of these cheap key floats to your key ring, and even the most careless of pontooners will be safe in the knowledge that they can fish their keys out of the water should the worst happen.

3. Telescopic Boat Hook

But how are you going to get those floating keys out of the water if they do drop over board?

Simple. A telescopic boat hook is what.

This one here is really good value for money and collapses down telescopically so it can be stored underneath your seat when not in use. It can hook out all manner or items from the water, even helping with your inflatables.

4. Emergency Spotlight

Are you planning on boating after dark? Even if you’re not, you never know when you might get delayed when heading back to shore.

Having a strong spot light on board is an essential piece of safety gear as it will help you find people or property over board and can help you dock back safely when coming back into land.

The spotlight I use is a Stanley Fatmax Rechargeable. No matter how experienced you are, it should be a must have deck boat accessory to keep stored on your boat at all times.

5. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)

You are required by law to have one PFD for every passenger on your deck boat. And for the kids, they need to be the right size and be able to fit correctly.

You might never have to use yours, but you will be grateful the day you ever are called upon to use them.

For water sports such as towing tubes they are an absolutely necessity as at some point the person you’re pulling is going to get thrown into the water.

6. Marine Grade Fire Extinguisher

You can buy specialist marine fire extinguishers that work on the water, and no deck boat should be without one.

This particular extinguisher is US coast guard approved so buy one now and have it within easy reach, especially if you are planning on grilling on board your deck boat.

7. Audible Warning Device

In serious emergencies you are going to need to call for help from other boaters nearby, and the best way to do so is with an emergency marine horn.

This one on Amazon is very loud, in fact, much louder than an emergency whistle can ever be, and it’s a default accessory for a deck boat.

This one here can be heard over loud music, waves, and any other noise so buy one today. You won’t regret it and hopefully you will never have to use it.

8. Portable or Mounted Gas Grill

Deck boat grillsIf you have never cooked up a meal on a deck boat, then you really are missing out. It’s one of lives little luxuries.

But which grills are best?

Go take a look at my recommended grills which I originally developed for pontoon boats, but they work just as well on a deck boat.

9. Yeti Marine Cooler

I love this cooler, and it comes in multiple different sizes, so you should be able to find one to fit your specific deck boat.

You can store food, drinks, and even fish or live bait in them if you are going to be fishing.

It’s a specialist marine grade cooler that has some of the best online reviews I have ever seen. I personally own two of these beauties. Go take a look, it’s a must-have accessory for the discerning deck boat owner.

10. Skier Down Flag

My last accessory recommendation in the must-have section is a skier down flag which is absolutely essential if you are going to be towing tubes, inflatables or water skis behind your deck boat.

If the passenger comes off their skis or out of the inflatable tube, then this is how you let other boats on the lake know there’s a person in the water.

It’s a potential life-saver and I believe it is negligent not to have one on board if you are pulling people behind your deck boat. 

Cool Deck Boat Accessories

Now let’s take a closer look at a few items that are just for fun and are very cool too! These aren’t essential by any stretch of the imagination but will definitely enhance the enjoyment you get from your deck boat. 

11. Controllable LED Lighting

Led lightingYou can buy LED kits that can be installed into your boat creating an amazing effect after dark with one flick of a switch or can even be controlled via your smartphone.

There are plenty of choices on the market, so I’ve put together a page dedicated to the best controllable LED lighting kits, all of which you can explore in this guide to LED lighting.

The ones in my guide were originally selected for pontoon boats, but they work just as well on deck boats too so go take a look at what’s on offer. 

12. Waterproof Speakers

You might already have speakers built in to your deck boat. But do they really offer a great sound and get the party started?

There are two options here; you can either fit some new powerful speakers or take a look at this waterproof portable speaker from AOMAIS. It can connect up via Bluetooth, letting you play tunes straight from your phone or any other digital storage device.

It’s been tested in lakes, been kept underwater for over 30 minutes, and still works, making it one of the best accessories you can take on your deck boat (and on land for the picnic afterwards).

13. Cup Holders

It’s a pain when you pick up some speed or make a turn and everyone’s drink falls over spilling all over your seats and floor.

Solve that particular problem with these awesome cup holders which can hold your cups or cans in place whilst you enjoy the water more. 

Fun Deck Boat Accessories

Let’s now take the fun up another notch with some deck boat accessories that are simply just fun. After all, your bought your deck boat to have fun right? Well if that’s not been happening too much recently, take a look at some of these ideas. 

14. Inflatable Tubes

tubesYou’ve got the power on board to tow an inflatable tube, so why aren’t you already doing it?

You can buy single person tubes, or to really have a great day out which everyone can enjoy why not look at some of the 4-person models currently on offer?

I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you with this guide to 4-person inflatables, all of which are rated and reviewed for safety and quality. 

15. Fun Games to Play in the Water

gamesOnce everyone is in the water, what else can you do?

We have a floating volleyball game that we love to play, plus cornhole on the water, water basketball and even floating beer pong.

Take a look at all the ideas elsewhere on Pontoonopedia in this guide to just some of the exciting and fun games you can play from your deck boat.

Fishing Accessories

And finally, I didn’t want to leave you without some ideas for deck boat fishing accessories, and here’s just a small selection that might help you to make a bigger catch this weekend. 

16. Rod Holders

rod holdersSome of the deck boat rod holders on the market simply don’t cut it as they won’t fit to the boat properly, could be the wrong size, or possibly don’t offer you what you need to use your poles correctly.

What I’ve done is create a larger guide to rod holders which includes some excellent recommendations on what the best are right now. Have a look at that if fishing is important to you.

17. Waterproof Dry Kit Bag

A dry kit bag will help you to keep your valuables safe from water, so they don’t get damaged plus help to protect your food from fish and dirty water contamination.

The Earth Pak range are very good, coming in a variety of colors and sizes, they offer reliable protection from the wet with their strong PVC finish and watertight seals.

Buy one of these for your next fishing trip and you can relax knowing no matter how much water comes into your deck boat, all of your clothes, gadgets, and food will remain dry.

Want More Ideas?

Hopefully this guide to deck boat accessories has given you some great ideas.

But there’s even more to explore on Pontoonopedia, with some links below to other items, gadgets, and safety equipment that I recommend for all deck boat owners.