If you’ve not customized your deck boat with some cool accessories, then you are genuinely missing out on potentially a lot of fun. There is so much you can do and buy, some of which are quite simply must-have accessories for a deck boat, whilst other are simply just fun to have.

You’re going to make some great memories on your deck boat, whether that’s with your family and friends or whilst with some of your fishing buddies.

Below is a large list of deck boat accessories split into various categories. You might not see something you like in the initial must-have section, so scroll down to see the fun or cool options for gadgets and add-ons you can buy today.

Must-Have Deck Boat Accessories

Safety first is an essential ethos that any boater should follow, and none more so than on a deck boat. Below is a list of the must-have accessories and gadgets that you simply need to have on your boat now.

1. Waterproof Lanyard

When you’re on your boat there’s one thing that is guaranteed, and that’s getting wet! But in this age of social media and constant communications, chance