I was recently asked how well a vinyl wrap would work on the aluminum panels seen on some pontoon boats. The question came from a guy who has a Sun Tracker Bass Buggy and he is looking to re-do the siding vinyl as it has started to peel. Not a good look!

What he is looking to do is get a more modern look with pontoon boat vinyl decals over it at a later date.

The short answer is; using a vinyl wrap on your pontoon boat will look and work great. You can see some examples where other pontooners have already done it themselves if you continue to scroll on down.

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In this example below, the owner actually stuck the vinyl decals and wrap on themselves. The vinyl wrap was bought from a company called US Cutter, but instead you could get in touch with local companies that print vinyl wraps for race cars.

Example of a vinyl wrap for a pontoon boat

Example vinyl wrapping from the 619decals company.

What Type of Vinyl Wrap Works Best for Pontoons?

So what type of vinyl should you buy for wrapping the sides of your pontoon boat?

It needs to be something that won’t peel off in a month, is waterproof, and won’t scratch and peel with the type of typical activity you put your pontoon through.

Also make sure that whoever does it uses a good UV resistant vinyl, as otherwise you will get fading and deterioration if you operate your boat regularly in the sun. With a UV coating vinyl applied on top of the wrap it will last 10 years or more without fading.

In terms of how much it will cost and the prices, it will vary wildly depending on the design, length, and even where you live if you decide to go with a local supplier.

Can Vinyl Wrap Be Applied to Textured Fencing?

You can quite happily wrap your pontoon fencing in vinyl wrap, even if it is textured. You will have to make sure that the design is printed on wrap vinyl which has a textured backing to allow you to squeegee and press out the air through the vinyl.

This type of vinyl is amazing to work with. You can ball it up and pull it apart, then heat it with a heat gun and pop it back to shape.

I would suggest measuring each panel with a fabric tape measure so you get the curves and draw the panels on a sheet of paper. That will save you time and money for your lay out to be done by a sign designer. Very easy to install also… and will last for many years.

How to Remove Vinyl Wrapping from a Pontoon Boat?

If you are going to get new vinyl wrap for your pontoon boat, then you must (obviously) remove the old graphics first.

I would suggest a 3M eraser wheel that you then attach to a drill. It can be purchased on Amazon, just click that link I just left in the last sentence.

Whatever you do, never use a sander. The eraser wheel is fast and easy. It’s what car body workers use to remove stripes and graphics from cars. Buy one and you will thank me I promise you.

For a more comprehensive guide on how to remove vinyl from a pontoon boat, quickly, efficiently, and cleanly, please read this guide.

Vinyl wrap header image: copyright printcrazee.com