Cruise ships are marvels of the ocean, allowing for a life of luxury on the open seas. Due the sheer size of them, a common question for people using them is how deep in the water is a cruise ship. While doing my own research on how cruise ships can stay upright with all of their extra weight, I also decided to look into how deep a cruise ship port needs to be and how much depth the boat needs.

How deep is the water where cruise ships dock? The depth of water that a cruise ship will need to dock in will need to exceed 25 to 50 feet deep. This takes into account the average draft of a cruise ship being 25 to 50 feet, which is the depth of water from the waterline to the bottom of the hull. 

A lot of science and mathematics go into determining how deep in the water a cruise ship has to be. In addition, other factors can play a large role in how a cruise ship floats.

How deep is a cruise ship is underwater?

Rather than trying to measure how deep a cruise ship is underwater by using feet, a better measurement for general use is measuring what percentage of a cruise ship is underwater. To do this, a few different things have to be measured.