Nothing is more frustrating that coming back to your pontoon boat and seeing that the cover has sagged, water has pooled, or even critters have managed to get in. Whilst some covers will come with a support system as standard, not all of them do.

For a number of years I used a cheap boat cover and has these exact same issues. Since then I’ve purchased an off the shelf cover support (see which one here) as didn’t have the time to make my own DIY pontoon boat cover support.

But, having seen the question “how to make a pontoon boat cover support system” asked so frequently on social media and boating forums, I decided to investigate it and collate all the homemade and DIY ideas I could find on this one page.

Take a look at some of the ideas and photos below to see what you think.

How to build a homemade pontoon boat cover support system

Idea #1: Build a tent-shaped support using PVC piping

One of the most common approaches for making a homemade pontoon boat cover support system is PVC piping.

If you are tired of draining all the pockets of water in the boat cover after rain falls, then this could be the perfect DIY project for you to try out.

Here’s an example I found on Pinterest of a homemade PVC frame, built up in a tent shape to offer very sturdy support for a boat cover.