I’ve been on a couple of cruises in my time and am always shocked at how long the queues can be in the food halls! It made me wonder how many people were actually on these things! So much so that I decided to research it and find out what the capacity of a cruise ship is, with some real-life examples which you can see below.

How many people can fit on a cruise ship? On average, a cruise ship can accommodate up to 6,000 people. In terms of weight, the average cruise ship weight is 134,000 gross tons. This is almost four times the average size of the ones in the 1980s meaning the can carry even more passengers than ever before.

Which cruise ship carries the most passengers?

During my research I found that the Symphony of the Seas is the cruise ship that can carry the most passengers. The passenger capacity of this cruise ship is a massive 6680 passengers.

Let’s hope that have enough restaurants and food halls onboard to reduce the queuing time!

What is the capacity of a cruise ship?

According to the Cruise Lines International Association, more than 30 million passengers will take a cruise in 2019. To compete for clients, cruise lines are breaking the bank to outdo each other. From an on-board racetrack to a high-tech planetarium at sea, today’s vessels are fitted with high-end amenities, features, and facilities.

And another aspect is that they are all trying to go larger, and get as many passengers on board as they possibly can.

What is the capacity of a cruise ship

Which cruise ship carries the most passengers? Not this one, it’s small in comparison to the big boys.

I took a look at the average cruise ship capacities from around the world, with some examples listed below of how many passengers each one can carry.

Cruise ships ranked by passenger capacity and how many people they can fit

1. The Symphony of the Seas

The Symphony of the Seas can carry 6,680 passengers at capacity. This is the world’s largest cruise ship (view website). As you would expect, everything about this vessel is on a large scale. It spans 1,188 feet long, measures 238 feet tall, and weighs 228,081 gross registered tons.

Some of its top-notch features include:

  • A park with more than 20,000 tropical plants
  • 2,759 cabins
  • 24 pools
  • 22 restaurants
  • 18 decks (16 are strictly for guests)

Symphony is organized in ‘’neighborhoods.’’ It has seven of them.

An ultimate family’s vacation destination, this vessel has a bold lineup of heart-pumping and energy-filled experiences.

2. The Harmony of the Seas

The Harmony of the Seas can carry 6,360 passengers at capacity. It is an Oasis-class vessel that houses 10 hot tubs and four swimming pools.

It is also home to 11 pieces of art and 20 dining venues. There’s a dry slide by the name Abyss and water slides by the name the ‘perfect storm.’ You can look forward to the Broadway-style Theatre, Aqua Theatre (has a deeper swimming pool compared to any other), and an Ice Rink.

Are you a sporting enthusiast? If yes, countless options such as rock climbing, ping pong, basketball and surfing on the flow rider are available.

Shopping fans cannot get enough of the ship’s promenade mall. For those who like to sample different drinks and wines, the vessel carries over 40 brands of beer and 340 varieties of wine.

3. The Allure of the Seas

The Allure of the Seas can carry 6,300 passengers at capacity. When compared to the Oasis of the Seas, it is just 2.0 inches longer. It was built in 2009. Before the creation of this cruise ship, no passenger’s vessel came close to its size. Truly, it broke the mold for large vessels.

Some of the never-before-seen innovations that were included in this ship include the ‘’Rising Tide’’ bar that spans three decks as well as the ‘’Flowrider’’ surfing simulator.

One of the distinct features of this ship includes unique neighborhoods that vary drastically such as the Royal Promenade, the Boardwalk, and Central Park.

The vessel has more than 3,000 miles of electrical wires specially dedicated to powering her. Another fun highlight is that guests consume more than 8,000 of ice cream every week.

Over 12,000 varieties of plants are available in the ship. On a weekly cruise, approximately 60,000 napkins are used.

Which cruise ship carries the most passengers

This is a Disney cruise ship. It might look big, but can’t fit a many passengers as the ones on this list.

4. The Costa Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda can carry 6,334 passengers at capacity. Although this ship doesn’t have the most attractive or enticing name, it’s still very big. Costa, the ship’s manufacturer, isn’t popular for its large ships but Smeralda puts the company in the big league.

When you compare this vessel to others, one feature sets it apart from the rest – the fact that an LNG combustion system powers it thereby making it the world’s ‘cleanest’ ship.

It will debut later in November this year and will provide itineraries in the Mediterranean shortly after.

5. The AIDAnova

The AIDAnova can carry 6,600 passengers at capacity. As a company, AIDA is the other dark horse that comes through with an enormous cruising vessel out of the blue.

Amongst the company’s ten other vessels, the average weight is approximately 50,000 tons. This one is three times their usual vessel weight weighing at 180,000 gross tons.

It features a width of 42 meters, 337 meters in terms of length and 2,600 passenger cabins.

She serves her itineraries within the Canary Islands. Just like the Smeralda, a liquefied natural gas powers this vessel thus making it environmentally friendly.

6. The Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras can carry 6,500 passengers at capacity. Mardi Gras is Carnival Cruise Line’s latest mammoth ship. It has the first onboard roller coaster in the world.

The company anticipates that passengers shall ride it in October 2020 from Port Canaveral, with a range of 7-day Western and Eastern Caribbean cruises.

Mardi Gras has ‘’Family Feud Live’’ as an entertainment option. As a guest, you’ll be able to play live against other families thus mimicking the format of a reality TV show. Contestants are given the opportunity to guess the popular answers to the survey questions.

Are you a foodie? The vessel will be home to a restaurant by the famous New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse.

According to the company, this ship will be the biggest Carnival Cruise Line ship with six themed zones, 5,200 rooms, and 20 decks.

7. The MSC Meraviglia

The MSC Meraviglia can carry 5,714 passengers at capacity. It is the lead vessel of the company’s new ‘’Vista Project’’ vessels.

Initially, it operated within the Mediterranean but will reposition to Miami later this year. It will replace MSC Divina and then sail to the Caribbean as part of the company’s expansion to the North American region.

It comes packed with out-of-this-world features that provide the ideal experience at sea in all seasons. Enjoy outstanding and authentic dining options coupled with extraordinary entertainment with brand new panoramic areas.

Some of the facilities in the ship include a theatre, a water park with great water slides, a rope course, and a promenade with an extended LED roof.

You can also expect to find a spa and more than 10 dining areas. The ship has a spectacular amusement area that’s connected to the outdoor water park.

When it comes to restaurant and bars, a choice of twelve distinct dining venues promises something special for all tastes. A wide variety of lounges and bars on board provide relaxation and refreshment in an ideal atmosphere for each moment.

Choose from an array of elegant accommodation that includes family options, balcony cabins, and duplex suites that feature a private whirlpool bath.

8. The Norwegian Bliss

The Norwegian Bliss can carry 4,004 passengers at capacity. This is the largest and newest member of Breakaway-Plus class of Norwegian Cruise Line.

It made its maiden voyage in April 2018. There’s no doubt that all ships belonging to NCL boast colorful painted designs. Actually, you can notice them from afar. They make the vessels look very unique.

The deck is lined with restaurants that run along the side thus allowing guests to feel a little more direct connection with the sea.

The vessel was custom built for the spectacular. It features a revolutionary observation lounge that allows you to soak in each stunning moment from the bald eagles that soar over the glaciers to the dolphins that splash through the warm turquoise waters.

When aboard, you’ll definitely experience the best amenities, entertainment and dining at sea against a magical backdrop of unmatched natural beauty. When you choose to go a little wild or tropical, there is only one perfect word to describe the experiences that await you on this new Norwegian ship – bliss!

9. The Anthem Of the Seas

The Anthem of the Seas can carry 4,905 passengers at capacity. This is the only Quantum Class that sails the Atlantic waters.

Its maiden voyage, which was an 8-night cruise to Spain and France from Southampton, was in April 2015. The vessel was the largest cruise ship to visit a port in Canada when it docked at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

If you consider yourself an adventure aficionado, gourmet globetrotters, and a thrill seeker, then cruising in this ship is exactly what you need to do. It has spaces that transform on the fly. Unquestionably, there’s no other cruise ship, which packs in more cutting edge experience within one day.

With this ship, real luxury is more than just amenities and design. It is about memorable experiences. You’ll definitely fall in love with moments that inspire and service that exceeds expectations.

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The last word…

And there you have it; that’s what I found when researching how many people can fit on a cruise ship. If you like going to cruise ships trips, here are some other articles I researched and published recently on the topic: