If you have the money available, keeping your pontoon boat docked up at a local marina, under a covered slip, can be a great option. It means you don’t have to trailer and transport your boat each time you want to use it and should be able to use your boat a lot more.

Handy Hint: If you rent a covered marina slip for your pontoon boat, you should also buy a mooring cover as it will add additional protection to your boat.

I asked a selection of pontoon boat owners how much they pay to have their pontoon boat kept at a marina slip, to give you an idea on the money involved – and whether it could be an affordable option for you.

Here’s what those pontooners had to say:

“We pay $230 a month for a covered slip space. Having a slip is a whole new world. You will find yourself on the boat days you never thought you would. We have a 24 foot Tennessee. There a cheaper option at our local marina for example, $150 per month uncovered.”

“I pay $1800 a year which is for a 30-foot cover slip with electric points too. I love it as he sun will do you big damage just in one season. I tried that last year, hence switching over to a covered marina slip rental this year”

“We’re on the Ohio River and I just paid $50 per foot for the season which runs from May 15 to October 15. That ending up costing $1200 for a 24-foot pontoon for the whole seasons, but that was uncovered with no electric. That’s quite cheap with some places charging $70 per foot of boat.”

“I rent a covered slip on the on the Mississippi for $1,600 a season. I wouldn’t go any other way. Algae will grow on your toons though, but I just scrape mine off when the water gets warmer. If you do store your pontoon at a marina slip, then the sun is a killer. Get a covered slip and then cover the boat to keep dust and dirt out. Make sure you have ventilation under the cover.”

“Going rates in my area is around $35 to $40 per foot. With an electric and water, you can be charged up $150 extra. I cover my pontoon boat every time I leave it and misting the vinyl seats with Lysol helps keep mold and mildew down.”

“It costs $650 for the season at Seneca lake in Ohio. You should also get a mooring cover as it saves your pontoon plus use something like aerospace protectant 303 on your seats. It’s great.”

“We have an un-covered slip at our campground. It’s about $1,350 year plus $200 for the boat slip. Yes, the cover can be a pain but no biggie after you have done it a bunch of times.”

Did You Know? There is a difference between a boat slip and dock, and it’s not always obvious to novices what they are. Click here to find out what a boat slip vs a dock is.