If you are in the market for buying a deck boat, you might want to know how much it weighs. It’s essential information, particularly if you have a trailer and vehicle with a maximum towing capacity, or perhaps a boat lift.

In short, deck boats weigh on average around 3,100 pounds (1,406 kilos) at dry weight. With the motor, fuel, and battery, that average weight will increase to around 4,200 pounds (1,905 kilos).

Here are some examples of 10 popular deck boats and how much they weigh.

  • Hurricane SunDeck 187 (18 foot) – Wet weight 3,925 pounds / dry weight 3,575 pounds
  • NauticStar 193 SC (18 foot) – Wet weight 3,300 pounds / dry weight 2,100 pounds
  • Stingray 186CC (19 foot) – Wet weight 3,500 pounds / dry weight 2,300 pounds
  • Hurricane SunDeck Sport 202 (20 foot) – Wet weight 4,075 pounds / dry weight 3,725 pounds
  • NauticStar 211 Angler (20 foot) – Wet weight 3,300 pounds / dry weight 2,100 pounds
  • Hurricane SunDeck 217 (21 foot) – Wet weight 3,990 pounds / dry weight 2,725 pounds
  • Stingray 212SC (21 foot) – Wet weight 4,300 pounds / dry weight 3,100 pounds
  • Stingray 235LR – (23 foot) – Wet weight 5,305 pounds / dry weight 4,105 pounds
  • NauticStar 243 DC (24 foot) – Wet weight 4,573 pounds / dry weight 3,373 pounds
  • Hurricane SunDeck 2690 (26 foot) – Wet weight 5,845 pounds / dry weight 4,475 pounds

I picked the models above, as they are from three of the more popular deck boat manufacturers. Where it states “wet weight” that is the boat’s total maximum including engine, fuel, and battery. Where it shows “dry weight” that’s with none of the gear on board.

Don’t Forget the Weight of Your Trailer

If you want to know if you have enough towing capacity, then take the average weight of a boat trailer being around 1,200 pounds and add that to your deck boat weight.

The majority of midsize SUVs should be able to pull the average weight of a deck boat with no problem. But please do check your vehicle’s towing rating first, not forgetting to add on the weight of the trailer and any equipment.