Bravo’s Below Deck features a luxurious lifestyle of lavish vacationing on a superyacht. From expansive guest cabins to gold-covered bathroom fixtures, the yachts featured on this TV series are like 5-star hotels on water.

Below Deck showcases the glitz and glamour of different cruises around the Caribbean, European and Mediterranean cruises. Some of the hotspots include the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, Croatia, Spain, Italy and many more.

But did you know it was possible to taste this lifestyle for yourself, and charter a yacht from the Below Deck TV series?

How much does it cost to charter a yacht from Below Deck? Renting a Below Deck yacht sets you back approximately €150,000 to $170,000 per week. This charter rate doesn’t include expenses such as dockage fees, fuel, taxes etc. Although the rates are pricey, you stand to enjoy a truly world-class experience.

That’s a lot of money! Before I did this research, I had no idea how much it costs to charter or rent a yacht from Below Deck. Now that I do know, it’s still way out of my price range. Is there anything else on the show that might be more affordable though?

Can you rent a smaller superyacht from Below Deck?

Each of the yachts shown below come with different rental prices and special features. Below Deck’s smaller superyachts include the following:

  • Sirocco (154 feet) – It features a leather, natural stone, and Makassar wood interior. A gym and an eight-person Jacuzzi are present on the sundeck. Renting this vessel costs approximately $205,000 a week during winter and $209,000 a week during summer.
  • Valor (154 feet) – Valor is also known as BG. It has been featured on the show for several seasons. In the summer, renting this vessel costs around $162,000 per week. Renting cost during winter is approximately $168,000 per week.
  • Ohana (154 feet) – Ohana features an awesome sun deck and a sweet bar. During the charter season, renting this yacht costs roughly $140,000 per week.
  • Ionian Princess (150 feet) – The Ionian Princess boasts one of the largest sundecks. It rents for about $168,500 per week and $145,000 per week in the summer and winter seasons respectively.

What about renting a medium superyacht from Below Deck?

The show’s mid-range yachts include Eros and Honor at 161 feet and 163 feet respectively. While Euros was featured in season three, Honor premiered in season one.

  • Honor – At some point, the creators of the show changed Honor’s name to Lumiereand gave it a total update. Part of the revamp included the latest video and audio equipment as well as a new, spacious Jacuzzi. It rents for $175,000 per week and $204,500 per week in the winter and summer respectively.
  • Eros – Eros was renamed ‘’Mustang Sally’’. Its convertible swim platform that features recessed lighting is among the notable features that make this vessel stand out. In November 2018, the boat was disposed of for $17.9 million, meaning it’s not for rent currently.

Renting large superyachts from Below Deck

Talisman Maiton and My Seanna are the largest vessels. They can accommodate quite the party. Each one brings with it its own set of benefits and features.

  • My Seanna – My Seanna is 185 feet. It was featured in season 6. Some of the incredible features you can look forward to include a gym, sundeck, sauna, touch and go helipad, and an indoor movie theater. Renting rates are $331,000 per week and $300,000 per week in the summer and winter respectively.
  • Talisman Maiton – This yacht featured was featured in season 3. It is 178 feet. It has an observation deck and a gymnasium. You have to dig deep to rent this yacht. Winter and summer rates are $271,000 per week.

Are there any discounts when renting?

Yes. You can cruise in style on discounts. One way to do this is by agreeing to be part of the Below Deckshow.

According to The Forward Cabin (view website), anyone that agrees to be charter guests enjoy subsidized rates for an exotic and full superyacht experience. Obviously, the catch is you must agree to be the show’s fodder.

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Are yachties paid well?

Yachties make roughly $2,000 in terms of tips per charter. On top of their salaries, crew members get some extra cash for being participants in the show.

The staff that appear in several seasons normally get paid more.

Below Deck Seasons

If you’ve only just started watching the show, I recommend you catch up with previous series. Here’s a selection of highlights of what to expect.

  • Season 1 – Below Deck’s first season aired in July 2013 after announcements in the previous year. Starring the superyacht HONOR, the charter was around the Caribbean. After major facelifts, HONOR now goes by the name LUMIERE. Benetti, an Italian shipyard, built this beautiful luxury yacht in 1999. It boasts the ability to accommodate 12 charter guests. It has a sundeck Jacuzzi and a host of luxurious amenities such as state-of-the-art TVs. After the show, the owners sold LUMIERE for approximately $15 million. The new owners commissioned a major refit that saw significant updates to the interiors, entertainment systems, and brand new exterior furniture.
  • Season 2 – Season 2 premiered on August 2014. It stands out as the highest rated season in the entire series. Season 2 had 13 episodes that documented life aboard the superyacht OHANA (154ft/47m) in the British Virgin Islands. Top on the list of features of this vessel includes an outdoor bar, a large sundeck, and luxurious accommodation of up to 10 guests. After filming season 2, the owners disposed of OHANA for $10.9 million. After an extensive refit, the vessel was later renamed RHINO. Part of the revamping included modern styling, a cabin conversion, and an engine rebuild.
  • Season 3 – After a hugely successful 2nd-season finale, Bravo announced the continuation of the series. The third season was filmed aboard EROS aka ‘’Mustang Sally’ as the crew headed to the Bahamas. This yacht is equipped with several luxurious amenities that include a yacht-wide sound system, spacious barbeque space, and an eight-person sundeck Jacuzzi. She also features a timeless interior styling with a neutral color palette and intricate wood palette that helps to create such an inviting atmosphere for everyone on board. Before season 3 started, EROS was sold for $17.9 million.
  • Season 4 – Season 4 took place in the Virgin Islands. Just like in season 5 and 7, this season was filmed aboard the VALOR. This time around, this yacht featured extensive exterior spaces and a Hamptons-style interior. She has the capacity of up to 12 guests and an attendant crew of 10. A number of new faces replaced old favorites during this season.
  • Season 5 – Season 5 aired on September 2017. VALOR made a return in this season. In this season, the crew accompanied the yacht to the tranquil grounds of St. Martin. The highly esteemed Dutch shipyard Feadship constructed VALOR in 1990. Her new owners made adjustments in 2015. Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder, once owned VALOR. The yacht offers guests the best in lounging options and amenities to guarantee consistent, memorable charter vacations.
  • Season 6 – Season 6 aired in October 2018. In addition to featuring an almost entirely brand-new cast, the show also has the largest yacht ever – 185ft/56m motor yacht, My Seanna. Her ornate interiors make her among the most opulent yachts in the charter market. Season 6 was the first time in history that a vessel appeared under its original name. It was also the first time that the show was filmed in a location outside the Caribbean, South Pacific islands of Tahiti. This season presented a highly sought-after insight into more distant cruising grounds. The renting cost for My Seanna is from $300,000 per week.
  • Season 7 – VALOR was season 7’s superyacht. This was the third time in the show’s history. Feadship, one of the most revered ship builders built this vessel in 1990. Since then, it has undergone numerous interior refreshes to maintain her in tip-top condition. In season 7, the crew headed further afield. Filming took place around Thailand’s resplendent cruising grounds. From the dazzling beaches of Ko Yao Yai to the iconic Phi Phi Islands, the entire cast and crew were treated to a memorable South East Asian experience.

Renting vs. owning a yacht

Owning a 180-foot yacht sets you back more than $4.75 million annually. These costs include crew salaries, maintenance and repairs, vessel insurance, dockage and fuel. Because owning a superyacht might not be attainable, chartering or renting one makes more economic sense.

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The last word…

So there you have it, that’s how much it costs to charter a yacht from Below Deck. If you’ve got the money to spend, then I wish you all the luck with it as they are truly magnificent super yachts.

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