The best jobs in the world are the ones where you don’t even feel like you’re at work. What better way to make a living than traveling the world on a luxury superyacht? If you’re considering a change of career, working on a superyacht is about as glamourous as it gets.

You’ll travel to some of the most beautiful places on earth, have some amazing experiences, and get to attend some of the most prestigious events, all while getting paid. Can you think of anything better than that?

But what’s the process involved in applying for work on a superyacht, and what’s the job like? I aim to answer a lot of those questions here with this guide for prospective applicants.

So how exactly do you get to work on a superyacht? There are many ways with which you can land a job on a superyacht. Besides handing your resume in to as many people and places as you can, you should network as much as you can, use social media to your advantage, and most importantly – never give up!

This guide aims to explain everything you need to know about finding a new job on a superyacht. I’ll provide you with all of the key information, plus give you some handy tips on landing your new gig. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but if you follow our tips, you’ll be sure to be setting sail to work on a superyacht very soon.

What do You Need to Know Before Working on a Superyacht?

Before you get a job on a large yacht, you will need to get STCW basic training certificates. This is a basic training course that usually takes five days and costs around $1000-$1500 to complete. The course covers basic health and safety training that is specific to working on a yacht or other type of ship.

You will also need to get your ENG 1 before you can get a job on a superyacht. This is a simple health exam that works to ensure you are physically fit to work on a yacht.

An ENG 1 exam usually costs around $100 to $150 and only takes around 15 minutes to complete. Unfortunately, you will not be permitted to work on a yacht without this.

The only other thing you need to be aware of before you start applying for jobs on a superyacht is that you should expect to be away for several months. So, with this in mind, it’s essential that you are available and willing to go away for months at a time.

This means that you will be away from your family and friends for long periods of time, and that’s something that’s not easy for everyone. Be sure you’ve thoroughly thought it through before you start applying for jobs on a superyacht.

How to apply to work on a superyacht

Ports like this are great places to apply to work on a superyacht.

Tips on How to Get a Job on a Superyacht

Getting a job on a superyacht is no walk in the park. In fact, it can be extremely difficult to find work on a superyacht, especially if you have no previous experience. However, we’re here to help! Below is a list of tips to help you land your dream job on a superyacht:

Create a Super Striking Resume

With the superyacht industry becoming more and more popular, you need to make yourself stand out above the crowd for an entry-level position. Your superyacht resume should include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your nationality
  • Your smoker status
  • Any previous work experience you have
  • A photograph of yourself (wear a white polo shirt for this)
  • Your accomplishments
  • Your hobbies and interests

It’s also a good idea to include any interesting stories you may have – anything that may make you stand out above all of the other applicants. If you have any particularly fun travel stories, it may also be a good idea to add those to your resume.

Your main goal here is to give the receiver something to remember you by, so anything unique about yourself that you can think of, be sure to include it on your resume so that you can stand out from the crowd.

Do Some Dock Walking

Dock walking is very similar to cold calling (making phone calls to strangers to sell your services), only it’s in person. It’s a great way to mingle and meet superyacht owners and other crew members.

When searching for a job on a superyacht, you mustn’t be afraid of rejection. The superyacht industry is very competitive and while you may not be the right fit for one superyacht, you might be the perfect fit for another.

Join Yachting Social Media Groups

With social media becoming increasingly popular, it’s a great space to join groups and network with other people in the superyacht industry. It’s also a great way to keep up to date on everything that’s going on within the yachting industry.

Try to focus on joining groups within your local area. You’re much more likely to get a job on a yacht that is close to your location than one that is far away.

Always be aware of what you’re posting on social media. No-one is going to want to hire someone who comes across negatively online. However, if you’re smart enough to come up with some creative posts for these groups and make it clear that you’re looking for work within the industry, you might just land your dream job!

Leave Your Resume at Local Yachting Spots

In places where yachts are based, there are usually local yachting bars or uniform shops that are a great place for people like you to leave your resume. Boat crews stop by these places often when they are looking to hire more or new staff. With this in mind, leave your resume in as many of these types of places as you can to increase your chances of being contacted regarding potential work on yachts.

How to get work on a superyacht

You can get work on a superyacht by frequenting areas like this! 

If you have business cards, you can also leave these behind in these kinds of places. Keep your eye on it and move yours to the front wherever possible. You want to be at the front of the line when it comes to landing a job on the next available superyacht.

Network with Superyacht Crews

Networking is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to landing your dream job on a superyacht. You must be sociable and likeable. The people you work with on a superyacht are also the people you live with on a superyacht. These people become your family away from home so you must be able to get along with everyone in order to succeed.

If you are a person who likes time alone then a job on a superyacht may not be the ideal career choice for you.

It’s likely that you may be traveling the world with the same few people over the next two years or so, so it’s imperative that you’re able to get along with each other. With this in mind, be sure to network with EVERYONE, and we mean everyone! You don’t want an opportunity to pass you by – you never know where your first job is going to come from!

Apply for Every Superyacht Job Available

You can’t expect to get a job on a superyacht out of thin air. The only way you’re going to get a job is by getting yourself out there so you must ensure that you apply to everything that you can and keep sending your resume out. You should be applying and sending your resume out multiple times every single day if you’re really serious about getting a job on a superyacht.

It’s likely that you may only hear back from one or two of the yachts that you send your resume to, sometimes you might not even hear back from any at all. However, you can’t let that get you down and you should never give up!

You might not be the right fit for the first 100 yachts that you apply to, but you will be the perfect fit for one. You just have to be persistent in applying for jobs on superyachts until you land your first job.

Go to Superyacht Events

This is where networking comes into play again. Find and attend all superyacht events and attend anything you can that is going on in the yachting industry. This is a great way to meet more people in the industry and gives you the opportunity to get your resume out to more people.

Network is key to getting a job on a superyacht so spend time at events talking to crew and captains of various yachts. Be friendly and sociable and add people on social media so that you can keep in touch with them. The friendlier and more sociable you come across as, the better!

Create Business Cards

We touched a little on this earlier, but business cards can be a truly effective tool. They are small enough to carry around with you everywhere you go. If you end up talking to someone but you don’t have your resume with you, a business card works great. Keep a few in your pocket whenever you leave the house.

The superyacht industry is a very competitive industry and you need to be prepared whenever you meet someone that may be able to offer you a job. It’s easy for people to forget you, especially with so much competition. So in order to be remembered, unique business cards with all of your information on are a great idea.

What Qualifications do I Need to Work on a Superyacht?

If you want to work on a superyacht that is over 24m, you’re going to need to have STCW Basic Safety Training Certificates. If you plan to work on a smaller yacht, it’s still a good idea to have these certificates as you’ll stand a much better chance of landing a job. The course only usually takes five days to complete and you will learn a number of skills that can be essential to working on a yacht including:

  • How to prevent fires
  • How to fight active fires
  • How to respond to basic security situations on board
  • Basic first aid and lifesaving skills
  • How to survive in emergency situations
  • The working conditions on a yacht
  • How to keep yourself safe while working on a yacht

There are also courses available for specific roles on board and while these aren’t a necessity in getting a job on board a superyacht, they will give you a better chance of getting the job you want.

Is it Possible to Get a Job on a Superyacht Without Experience?

You may be wondering if you are even able to get a job on a superyacht without any experience. The answer is yes, however, it won’t be easy. When hiring, people tend to prefer hiring experienced workers over ones that don’t have any experience. However, there are still many opportunities, so don’t lose hope – everyone has to start somewhere, right?

In order to get a job without experience, you must be persistent in applying, as we’ve already mentioned. Plus, you must be willing to take on entry level roles such as stewardesses and deckhands.

The best way to get ahead is to have the right attitude, a willingness to learn, you must follow directions, and you must know your place. On most superyachts, there will be a hierarchy of people on board. Despite this, you must always take pride in being a person of service and treat the clients and other crew members with respect at all times.

The best candidates for superyacht work must be flexible and available to start at any time. You may even be able to pick up some temporary roles on board a yacht. If so, you won’t be the one without any experience anymore. Any small bits of work that you can do are something extra that you can add to your resume.

What Are the Benefits to Working on a Superyacht?

There are so many amazing things that you can do and experience while you are working on a superyacht. Below is a list of some of the main benefits to working on a superyacht:

Travel the Globe

Working on a superyacht opens up so many opportunities to visit incredible places. You’ll visit many places, whether it be beautiful cities adored by the rich and famous, or secluded private Caribbean islands, superyacht work let’s you visit some of the world’s most beautiful places. The best part of it – it won’t cost you a penny! You’ll be getting paid to travel to all of these glamorous locations – but you will be spending a lot of time at sea! Can you handle it?

Although you’ll be hard at work most of the time, you will get some days off. You can use these days off to explore around wherever the yacht has stopped off at.

Make Friends for Life

You’ll be living and working with the same people for long periods of time and so you’ll develop some close relationships with the other crew mates that will last a lifetime.

Even after you part ways, it’s very likely that you’ll keep in touch with many of the friends that you make on board the yacht. It’s always fun in the future to reminisce about your yachting days with your fellow crew mates.

Earn a Lot of Money

A superyacht career gives you the opportunity to earn a lot of money. The tips are great, plus, you get all of your accommodation and living expenses paid for. This means that you can save and spend your money however you want without the need to worry about rent or bills.

The nicer you are and the better service you can give to the clients, the more you can expect in return in tips. It’s entirely possible to earn several thousands of dollars in tips every month while working on a superyacht.

Have Some Amazing Experiences

Yacht crew work is definitely hard work, there’s no doubting that, but you get the chance to experience some amazing things along the way during the long yachting season.

Not only do you get to experience life on a superyacht and travel to some amazing places, but you’ll also get to attend celebrity events, eat at amazing restaurants, try fun things such as diving or jet-skiing, and do some shopping in the most glamourous places. It all comes as part of the super yachting lifestyle!

A Chance for Progression

Yachting opens up a lot of opportunities for career progression. If you’re willing to participate in training, you’ll have a real chance of becoming a chief or captain of a superyacht.

You’ll learn a lot during you time on a superyacht and this will give you invaluable experience no matter what it is that you choose to do in the future.

How to Work on a Superyacht – Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has provided you with all of the information that you need to know about how to work on a superyacht.

We have provided you with tips on how to land your dream job on a superyacht, some information on what you need before getting a job on a superyacht, and some of the main benefits of working on a superyacht.

With the ability to get paid travel to amazing locations and be a part of the glamourous lifestyle that comes with super yachting, who wouldn’t want to work on a superyacht?