If you’ve got a yacht of your own or you’re planning a yacht excursion, you are well aware of the importance of prioritizing safety. Knowing the dangers of sailing is essential before heading out onto the water – especially if you’re experiencing it for the first time.

So, how do you yacht safely, and what are the dangers of sailing? The following chart outlines the different ways you can yacht safely and the dangers that can occur while sailing:

How to Yacht Safely

  • Always carry safety equipment onboard
  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Make and keep a float plan
  • Never sail under the influence of alcohol
  • Designate an assistant
  • Always be aware of the propeller and engine(s)
  • Get a free vessel safety check

The Dangers of Sailing

  • Capsizing
  • Falling overboard
  • Drowning
  • Issues brought about from inclement weather
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