Inflatable pontoon boats have become increasingly popular with fishermen over the last decade, as well as being used for sports, recreation, and fun. Whilst most of them will already come fully set-up with all you need, it is possible to add more gear and accessories on if required.

Below you can see my definitive list of personal pontoon boat accessories. This should be your first port of call for customizing and accessorizing your inflatable, but if I have missed anything, please get in touch!

All of the accessories below are chosen due to the quality and high number of online reviews they gather, and I have also attempted to link you to the best price where possible.

Essential Personal Pontoon Boat Accessories

Firstly, let’s look at some awesome accessories, with more practical items that every respectable inflatable pontoon owner should buy. The items below have been selected due to their quality, the great reviews, and also the exceptional prices available.

1. Waterproof Kit Bag

Sak Gear make an excellent waterproof dry bag which is just the right size and construction for carrying on your fishing trips. With different colors available, you can accessorize it to suit the design and colors of your boat. Shop now for the Sak premium dry bag.

It’s unlike cheap waterproof bags as it is made from 500-denier polyester which is vinyl coated. That’s going to keep out water so all your essential gear, food, and electronics are kept dry and safe whilst you’re out on the water during the fishing season.

2. Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

Accidents will happen, and at some point during the fishing season you might get a tear, hole, or damage to your pontoons. When that happens it’s essential that you have the right repair kit on hand to fix up and patch, especially if you’re on the river or lake and need to make a fix quickly.

Sea Eagle make a very handy small and portable pack, and you can buy the repair kit on Amazon for a decent price. It comes with two PVC glue tubes, and two patches, all of which fit into a small carry tube that will fit easily in your pocket or a carry bag.

Alternatively you could shop at Sea Eagle. There is a massive range of accessories available on their website with some great prices.

3. Vinyl & PVC Protectant Spray

This stuff is essential if you want your boat to last longer. Just spray 303 protectant spray onto the pontoons perhaps 3 or 4 times year as it will help to protect the PVC and vinyl materials from breaking down over time – which is primarily caused by the elements, in particular UV rays from the sun.

You can use it on any inflatable product, but genuinely, you do need this as it’s an essential inflatable pontoon boat accessory and will save you lots of money in the long run on repairs and maintenance. You can pick up a marine grade version – view Amazon prices.

4. Waterproof Phone Lanyard

I’ve lost count of the amount of fishing friends who have managed to drop their phone into the water. No matter how careful you are, even a splash from a small wave or fish can get into your phone and damage it. That’s why a clear waterproof phone pouch makes for an essential personal pontoon boat accessory.

You can hang it around your neck for easy access, and still operate the touch screen on your phone no matter how wet your hands might be, and there’s no chance of you losing your expensive phone in the water. Go buy one now before it’s too late!

5. Waterproof Flashlight

Why buy one waterproof flashlight when you can buy two? And that’s exactly what you get with the Wsky LED tactical S1800. You will need to purchase batteries separately, but who cares, when quite simply this is the best deal you’re probably going to find online this year.

These powerful LED flashlights come as a pack of two, will stand up to any punishment your fishing trip throws up, and won’t stop working if they get wet. It makes sense, it will help you once night falls, and is an essential accessory to always have at hand.

6. Foot Pump

One of the best foot pumps I have used in the past is the Kangaroo Air Pump. It’s rugged, small, and can be used on any other inflatable product you might have. So, not just your boat, as it comes bundled with different sized nozzles that you can adapt and connect to virtually anything that needs blowing up.

You can inflate your boat in minutes, but also use it at home for any kids paddling pools, blow up beds, large balls, air mattresses… the options are endless making it an invaluable accessory if you don’t already have one.

7. Electric Quick-Filling Air Pump

If you like something even easier than a foot pump, and want someone else to do the hard work for you then, you can’t go wrong with the Cooper GTV pump on Amazon. It’s used by fishermen all over the United States to inflate their personal pontoons.

It’s small, portable, easy to use, and like the foot pump above, is truly multi-functional so is a great investment for not just boating, but also home use and camping scenarios.

8. Mushroom Anchor

This mushroom anchor works in mud, silt, and sand, with a raised lip to help ensure that it sticks when you need it to. Made from cast iron, it’s perfect for small fishing boats and in particular personal or inflatable models.

If you don’t already own one, then you need to get one now, with the Norestar Mushroom Anchor an ideal accessory for fishing, or leisure. It will hold you in place, is easy to set-up, an shouldn’t let you down. I’ve also reviewed some kit systems that I recommend you look at.

9. Cart & Wheel System

The EZ Cart from Sea Eagle can be used with any small inflatable boat, as it has a weight limit of 125 pounds. Simply place your boat on top, load up with your oars and other essentials, and you can pull your vessel to and from the water in one trip.

You can also buy larger carts, but the small cart on Amazon should suit most personal pontoons. Please note, this product is not intended to be pulled by a vehicle, it’s a hand pull trailer set on two wheels that you pull whilst walking. Just wanted to clear that up!

You can also buy the Sea Eagle range accessories with free shipping from their own website. Visit Sea Eagle accessories now to see deals.

10. Inflatable PFD Belt Pack

Safety on the water should always a primary concern, but it’s hard to find something truly comfortable that still gives you the freedom of movement you need when fishing. That’s why I prefer safety belts to vests, and none more so than the Onyx M-16 Safety Belt.

It fits securely around your waist and is US Coast Guard approved, so you have the peace of mind, that if you do fall and get into trouble, you can be safe with one pull on the cord. Once you pull it, inflation occurs, giving the buoyancy that you will need to get yourself to safety. It’s an essential safety accessory that you shouldn’t do without no matter how confident you are on the water

11. Paddling Vest

If you still would rather rely on a vest, and in all honesty, they do provide more safety, even though they are not as comfortable, then I would invest in a paddling vest. Onyx also sell great safety vests, and in different colors too.

I like conservative colors, and here’s a link to their darker colored paddle vest which is made from lightweight flotation foam, has mesh drainage, room for your accessories as well as looking very cool too.

Cool & Fun Inflatable Pontoon Boat Accessories

If you want to pimp up your personal and inflatable pontoon, then there’s a wide range of cool accessories that are fun and functional. Here’s a list of my favorite gadgets and tools that you might want to consider for your next trip or adventure.

12. Navigational and Running Lights

If you plan on being out after night falls or in dark conditions, then lights are a necessity in your list of personal pontoon accessories to buy this year. There are different ways in which you can set yours up, for example here’s a great LED bow light with mount. The manufacturer states that it’s virtually indestructible, I can’t vouch for that though, as I don’t own this exact product.

What I have on my inflatable pontoon boat, is the NaviSafe light pack and kit. It comes with two mounting pads which you can easily attach to your personal pontoon. Accessories such as GoPro action cameras can also be mounted to the accompanying mounts, so it’s a good investment to make. This kit lets you attach navigational lights to the front and rear of your boat.

13. GoPro Action Camera

Which brings me on nicely to the GoPro. If you like to adventure as well as fish, then it’s a great way to capture video footage from your latest excursion. The latest model they range is the GoPro Hero6 in black (view Amazon prices).

You can attach it to a mount at the front of your personal pontoon or get a head strap and headgear accessory with it for a more action-packed view of what’s happening. It might be that you finally manage to hook that catch you’ve been after for years, and what better way to record the moment as it happens?

14. Sun and Rain Canopy

The type of canopy that you buy will need to be the right dimensions for your inflatable pontoon, so I don’t have a specific recommendation here. But having one is a no-brainer as it will protect you from the elements including the sun and rain.

I recommend that you head on over to Amazon and explore their canopies section to find one that suits the dimensions of your inflatable, so you can choose one to fit. In most cases, the Aquos should be the right size, but you need to make your own checks.

15. Garmin Quatix Sports Watch

I love Garmin products, and they have recently released a watch that is ideal for fishermen or people who just love kayaking and adventuring. It’s the Garmin Quatix. Why would you buy it though? Well, with built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, and pre-loaded activity profiles for boating, it can make a massive difference to how much you get out of your day on the water.

It also provides connectivity to compatible Garmin chart plotters and other devices. As you make your way down the river, you can make use of the fish catch counter, tide data, and other awesome features such as syncing to your smartphone. There’s far too much to mention in this short review, so simply go take a look for yourself. Once you have one on your wrist you will wonder how you did without it.

Inflatable Pontoon Boat Fishing Accessories

Next up I am going to recommend the best fishing accessories for an inflatable pontoon boat, as this is what most people use these vessels for. The items below will drastically improve your season’s fishing and will help make much more of your day on the water, hopefully improving your catch.

16. Casting Bar

Installing a casting bar will give you a secure and convenient method that will let you stand up and cast for your catch. Again, you will need to find the compatible casting bar for your own boat, but on my Sea Eagle, I use this casting bar.

It is made from strong tubular aluminum and has soft foam grips. It can clip onto your boat without the need to use any tools, and also folds down easily for transportation. It’s a really simple gadget that will completely transform how you fish.

17. Floating Bait Station

I love my floating live well, bait station, cage, storage, whatever you want to call it, they are essentially the same thing. The one I use and clip on to my Sea Eagle is the Lindy Original Bait Tamer. It’s the perfect size for an inflatable personal pontoon boat.

It’s 9 inches in diameter with a 14-inch depth. If you do want something bigger, that’s really good quality (because the Lindy product is cheap), then go take a look at the Promar Bait Motel. It’s huge, and heavy duty so is never going to rip or tear.

18. Trolling Motor

Most inflatable pontoons will give you the option of being able to paddle or fit a motor. If you don’t have a trolling motor on board, then it’s certainly time to buy one! It will make your life so much easier and should be able to mount on your boat in minutes (read my guide here for what size you will need).

I love the Minn Kota trolling motors (view on Amazon). They aren’t the most expensive, but are lightweight, reliable, and just the right size for most inflatable pontoons on the market today. There are other trolling motors available with higher horse power, but I find for most fishing scenarios, the Minn Kota 30 has just the right amount of power.

19. Trolling Motor Battery & Power Center

With easy access to the battery terminals, you can hook your motor cables and other leads straight into the battery without having to open up the box and get it wet. It comes with a built-in LED battery meter, plus two 12v cigarette lighter plugs so you can also hook up a sounder, phone charger, or even a laptop.

I would recommend that you also purchase the Minn Kota battery as it comes with a 12 month warranty and is specifically designed to fit most inflatable personal pontoon boats. You can take advantage of some very good prices on Amazon.

20. Trolling Motor Charger

At some point you are also going to need to charge your trolling motor up, and a battery charger is a required inflatable pontoon boat accessory. Go with Minn Kota again (you can see a trend developing here can’t you, but trust me, Minn Kota is an excellent brand).

Check the latest Amazon prices now, as it’s an investment that you will need to make if you are installing a trolling motor and battery to your personal pontoon.

21. Telescopic Landing Net

I’ve used plenty of fishing nets in my time, but you can’t beat a telescopic one, and here’s a link to the one that I use and love: the PlusInno Landing Net. It’s ultra-light due to the high-density carbon fiber construction and can extend up to 38 inches which should help you out even with the most troublesome of catches.

Once folded down it fits neatly into a bag or can be stored on the floor of your inflatable pontoon with a total collapsible size of around 17 inches. I love it, and I think you will too, it’s very cool.

22. Garmin Echo Fishfinder

Of all the fishfinders that Garmin manufacturer, this in my view, is the best for inflatable pontoons due to the size and how easy it is to mount. It comes with a 5-inch resolution screen and scans the water around you in a large area. Take a look at the Amazon prices.

It’s fantastic in shallow water and can be attached to your trolling motor depending on how you prefer it to be positioned. Garmin have awesome customer service too, so should anything go wrong, which is unlikely given how robust they are, you will benefit from buying from a trusted and American-based company that has an awesome reputation in the marine electronics market.

23. Fishing Rod Holders

The type of rod holder you opt for will very much depend on the design of your boat. You might want something that clamps on, or screws in, or affixes to the actual pontoon using adhesive and strapping.

BroCraft do a good range of rod holders to suit most scenarios. Have a look at the BroCraft rod holder and clamp kit. If it’s compatible with your inflatable then great, if not, you should be able to find an alternative product instead on the Amazon website.

Additional Ideas

Over the next few weeks I will also be adding additional items to this guide, many of which you can find on Amazon already. Those will include:

  • 24. Bait cutting tray and bench
  • 25. Swivel seats and pedestals
  • 27. Anchor locks
  • 28. Oarlock set
  • 29. Knife sharpener
  • 30. Cup holders
  • 31: Trailers and dollies (read my reviews here)