Scroll DownYou’ve got your swimming costumes, you’ve got your towable inflatables, so what next? Well how about you bring the water park to your boat? And that’s exactly what you can do with a pontoon water slide!

In terms of fun, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Not only does a water slide offer hours of fun, but there also no long queues to contend with when it’s time to take your turn either!

In terms of accessories, I put it up there with my top best investments you can make, especially if the summer and hotter weather is approaching. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or are thinking about buying one for a pontooner you know, it’s going to be money well spent – as long as take a few things into consideration first.

Inflatable Slide for a Pontoon Boat vs Fiberglass Model

There are two different types of pontoon boat water slides. There are the static ones, sometimes made from fiberglass, and then the more popular inflatable or blow-up models. In this guide, the reviews you see are just for inflatable pontoon slides.

Why? Because the bulk of readers coming to Pontoonopedia are individual owners of single pontoon boats, and not commercial operators of double-deckers. Double decker boats are an entirely different matter, and owners of those will need a more robust a permanent solution. If you’re looking for a fixed water slide, this isn’t the guide for you.

However, if you do want something fun, inflatable, easy to blow-up, and cheap, you will love the inflatable pontoon slides featured below.

Size & Weight Restrictions

Before you choose to buy from any of my recommendations and reviews further down this page, make sure that you check the maximum weight capacity. If it’s only kids using the inflatable slide, then any model will be fine, but if adults want to join in, be careful as most will only take one grown adult at a time. Check the specs before you buy.

Also choose a pontoon slide that has some decent length to it. The longer you can afford, the more fun, I promise you. You will get a better ride and pick up more speed – as long as you are wet, and there is some water on the PVC!

Material and Ease of Use

The best pontoon boat slide kit products are made from UV treated PVC. They will also have sturdy molded steps with the blow-up safety tubes running either side of the slide to aid with safety.

You also want something that is going to be simple to store, easy to inflate, and easy to take down again. If it takes longer than 5 minutes to set-up or collapse down again then it’s not going to fit the bill for ease of use. Choose a blow-up slide for your pontoon boat that comes with a pump.

Are you ready to take a look at the best slides for a pontoon boat? I hope so, because I’ve done all the hard work for you, and all of the considerations above are ticked off with the following reviews and recommendations.

My Top 3 Pontoon Water Slide Reviews

Just one quick comment before we get into the reviews. Don’t buy cheap or you will regret it. I’ve had the same slide now for four years and not had one problem. It’s the Rave Sports model shown below.

Rave Pontoon Slide Review

When you read the Rave pontoon slide reviews on a website such as Amazon, it soon becomes apparent that this truly is one of the leaders – and it’s the one that I own too. Honestly, the Rave pontoon slide has never disappointed me.

Go take a look at it on Amazon, the reviews and latest prices are also listed on there.

It’s a high-quality product made from a thick rubber type material with very sturdy seams that so far have never split or torn. The manufacturer has also doubled-up on the rubber in the places where stress could occur to give it even more durability.

Getting the Rave Sports slide started is simple, as it inflates in minutes. In terms of where to place it, I put mine over the side and front rails with no issues. Other pontoon boat owners might want to find an open spot on the boat where there are no seats in way – it’s all down to personal preference though.

After three hours of use, I was kind of expecting to have to put more air into it, purely due to my previous experiences with inflatable tubes, but this slide just keeps going and stays inflated all day.

Adults can use it is too, with the heaviest person I’ve had sliding down weighing in at around 200 pounds. I have seen reviews where people have mentioned passengers up to 250 pounds. In my personal view, adults can use it just as happily as the kids, but I would recommend just one adult at a time.

I also have a friend who recently bought one. I emailed him to see what he had to say about the Rave pontoon slide and this is what he had to say.

“I love it and used it for the first-time last week… The kids can’t get enough of it! It only took is about 5 min to set-up and take down. They are pretty pricey though, but you pay what you get for! I am going to wire a DC connection into the pump though because the one that comes with it requires you to connect it to the battery.”

Spec & What’s Included

  • 12-volt high pressure inflator / deflator
  • 9 feet of slide length
  • Molded steps
  • Max passenger weight: 200 pounds


  • It comes with an inflator, which will also deflate the slide
  • When packed up, it rolls up into the size of a sleeping bag
  • It’s got a 9-foot slide
  • Very well made with extra rubber in high-stress areas


  • There’s no storage bag, so you might want to buy a duffel or similar 

Aquaglide Pontoon Slide Review

I own this aqua slide for a pontoon boat, and also have friends who have it. My kids and I have had a lot of fun with it.

The Aquaglide Freefall pontoon slide is one of the best rated and reviewed water slides on Amazon. Want to find out more? Go take a look as you can view the prices and reviews for yourself.

First up, this is a BIG SLIDE. You will need the space in order to not just carry when deflated, but also once it’s set-up.

Take a look at the dimensions to make sure that you are going to have the space available, as once inflated it’s going to be 120 inches long by 42 inches high, with a 35-inch width. For most pontoon boats, you should be able to set it up inside your front deck, as it should clear the bench seats – but get a tape measure and do your own due diligence before buying.

It’s well made and has very good grips and steps as you can see from the photos, meaning your kids shouldn’t slip when climbing up onto the top platform.

For extra peace of mind (which is an important consideration with these things) it also has straps and rings which you can use to secure it to your rails and boat.

To summarize, if you want something sturdy, safe, and large, this is the best water slide pontoon boat slide kit for you – it comes with everything you will need (apart from a bag!).

I also asked a few pontooners I know who already own the Aquaglide slide on what they think. Here’s what they had to say.

“My grandkids love ours. We’ve had ours for 5 years now and have never had to worry about weight limits or damage. The memories you can make with it mean it’s well worth the money”

“We got one at Easter time and it’s really not a pain setting it up or deflating and storing. The kids love it! Even the 30 to 45 year old ones! It’s very durable with a pump included and inflates up quick and deflates quick as well.”

Spec & What’s Included

  • 12-volt high pressure inflator / deflator
  • 12 feet of slide length
  • Molded steps
  • Straps and rings
  • Max passenger weight: 200 pounds
  • 1-year warranty


  • It’s got a 12-foot slide making it one of the longest on the market
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty for peace of mind
  • Inflates quicker than other models, in under 3 minutes
  • Comes with straps to help secure in place


  • It’s bulky, large, and you will need more storage space
  • It doesn’t come with a storage bag

SportsStuff Spillway Inflatable Pontoon Slide Review

And finally, the SportsStuff Spillway. I’ve seen this in action just once, have never been on it, but can vouch for its quality mainly due to the reviews on Amazon. You can check those for yourself by checking the Spillway pontoon slide on Amazon. 

As the smallest of the pontoon boat slide kits, it is also sometimes cheaper, depending on what offers are currently available. It also doesn’t come with an inflator, so you will need to purchase one separately.

In fact, some people who have left online reviews for this slide have complained about needing a special valve, so when you do buy, take a look at the recommended accessories so you aren’t disappointed once out on the water.

Spec & What’s Included

  • 8 feet of slide length
  • Molded steps
  • Max passenger weight: 200 pounds


  • Takes just 5 minutes to inflate
  • Has raised inflatable safety chambers to keep the kids safe
  • Made from heavy duty polyester reinforced PVC 


  • It’s smaller than the other slides
  • It doesn’t come with an inflator, so you will need to buy one
  • It doesn’t come with a storage bag

Buy an Extra Pump for Your Pontoon Boat Water Slide

I would always recommend that you have a spare pump on your pontoon boat, it’s an essential additional accessory.

You are probably why, considering most of the slides here already come with one, but in my experience, they can get lost, they can get damaged, and you might even lose one if dropped in the water.

So what pump do I recommend?

It’s called the Airhead Hi Output Pump (view on Amazon). It plugs straight into those cigarette adaptor type connections and can be used on any other inflatable you might have on board. For example, you could also use it on your inflatables tubes.

Tips on How to Get the Most from Your Slide

Once you’ve decided on the pontoon boat water slide to buy, there are some additional tips that I recommend you take when using yours.

  1. Don’t use it in high winds: for the best results, find a place which is a little bit quieter, perhaps a cove, and definitely near to shore.
  2. Don’t use it in very deep waters: don’t set your slide up in the middle of the water, instead anchor up and operate in water that is shallow enough to be not be dangerous, but still deep enough to let the kids slide in safely.
  3. Don’t forget to make it wet: for the best results, pour some water down it first to get it nice and slippery. The same goes for your swimming costume, you need to be wet to slide! 

Maintenance Tips for Your Blow-Up Pontoon Slide

Once you’ve bought yours, it’s important that you take care of it, as they aren’t cheap. During the winter months when not in use, it’s a good idea to follow the advice below to keep your pontoon slide in tip-top condition for when you next want to use it.

Take these steps when placing yours into storage:

  1. Deflate fully, ensuring no air is left inside of the blow-up slide.
  2. Give it a quick clean over with soapy water.
  3. Check for any damage, tears, or leaks, making sure there is no debris in any of the valves.
  4. Once fully dry, apply 303 Protectant Spray to the vinyl. This will keep it looking like new and help to protect it. I use this 303 Protectant spray on Amazon.
  5. Never store it in a damp location or directly on concrete, preferably inside of an insect and rodent-proof storage bag.

Pontoon Boat Slide Kit FAQs 

Where do you inflate your pontoon slide, on shore, or whilst on the boat?

You can easily inflate all of these slides once you are out on the water, anchor up, pull yours out from storage, plug-in the inflator, and away you go.

How deep should the water be to keep safe when sliding?

The manufacturers recommend that you slide into a depth of water that is at least 8 foot deep, so anchor near shore, and test the depth first.

Where on the pontoon boat should the slide kit be fitted?

In most cases you will set it up through a side gate. You can also place them over side rails too. Check the manufacturers specs and dimensions and take a look at the product photography and videos to see better examples of how you should fit them.