Many Jon boat owners won’t use a cover support, and just let their boat cover lay flat. The problem with this is that you can get pooling on top of the cover.

Rain and snow will gather in pools, and over time that will end up damaging your cover. You will also attract leaves, dirt, grime, and scum.

Another reason to use a Jon boat cover support is to keep the air ventilating through your boat when not in use. Your cover will have air vents in it, and that’s for a good reason; it helps prevent moisture build-up inside your boat.

If your boat gets moisture inside, you’re going to get a nasty surprise when you take the cover off, with mildew, mold, and all sorts of nasties that will cost time and money to clean up.

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My recommended Jon boat cover support pole

The one that I have used over the last winter was this really simple and cheap pole kit from BlueSky – you can see the prices on Amazon.

This is what you get:

  • Adjustable height from 12 inches to 54 inches
  • Adjustable to 6 different heights
  • Includes a plastic disc at the end for stability
  • Prevent pockets that collect water and debris
  • Made of ABS plastic

There are more expensive ones available which come with ventilation tops, but for smaller boats between 10 and 14 feet this works absolutely fine – providing you have air vents in your cover.

Alternatively, you could make your own homemade version, see my notes below, or one hack I’ve seen plenty of Jon owners do is to just leave the seat and pedestal in the boat, in the upright position.

A lot of the time, that will create enough of an angle to support the cover and let rain water run-off.

How to build a Jon boat cover support system

If you don’t want to buy an off the shelf Jon boat cover support pole or kit, you can actually make your own – and it’s not that hard!

With larger boats you would need to create PVC frames, and have a complex support system capable of holding up a heavy-duty cover – it’s a bit like an old-fashioned tent structure. But because most Jon boats don’t really exceed 18 feet in length, a PVC pole should work just fine.

If you do feel that you need a larger construction, take a look at this video below:

Homemade Jon boat cover support tutorial

To make your own homemade Jon boat cover support I recommend watching the video below, it’s the best one I’ve seen online and should give you enough information to get started.

What you need and how to do this DIY task

You will need:

  • ½ inch PVC piping
  • PVC t-connectors (2-inch O.D. to ½ inch T)

Using PVC t-connectors, you can push ½ inch PVC pipes inside to create a homemade cover system, as the ½ inch pipes bow over the boat to clip the cover onto.

You measure the boat sides so you can create snap-on connectors using the t-pipes, by cutting sections out of them. Those cut t-pipes can then be clipped onto the sides of your boat, angling in to take the main piping. There will be 4 of these connectors snapped onto the sides.

Next measure the width of your boat and cut the ½ inch PVC piping. But the piping will need to be wider than your boat, because once snapped in they will bow in an upwards arc to support your cover.

It sounds complicated, but honestly it’s not – just watch the video above to see for yourself!

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