Most Jon boats are lightweight enough to get to the water’s edge without having to invest in heavy trailers, but they are still bulky enough to not be an easy one-man job. If you’re fishing alone, it can be a pain in the butt.

Whilst you can make your own Jon boat dolly or trolley cart (and in truth, it isn’t that hard), they are now so cheap that you might as well buy something online that’s built for purpose. I’ve been using a steel and aluminum Jon boat trolley for years now, and with no complaints.

Below you can see which one I recommend as being the best including the exact same model I use with a personal review. Then after that there are some additional recommendations depending on your budget, and the size of your Jon boat.

The recommendations below are best for lightweight and smaller Jon boats.

#1: The best Jon boat dolly cart (300 lbs capacity)

The Seattle Sports Paddleboy is the most expensive, but it is the best – I am not recommending it because of the high price. You really do get what you pay for.

I bought mine just over 2 years ago, and since then have used it not just for my Jon boat, but also for the kayaks I use with my son. You get a versatile dolly that’s heavy duty, spring loaded for suspension, and can take up to 300 pounds in weight.

It can handle all not just my 14-foot Jon boat, but also all my fishing gear including electronics and supplies.

I won’t lie; from a design perspective it doesn’t look as cool as the other Jon boat dollies you can buy, some of which I list below, but if you can look past that, it delivers the best results.

To see the full specification, including reviews from other users, check it out on Amazon including the latest prices.


  • Load capacity:300 pounds.
  • Total weight:16 pounds.
  • Dimensions:30 ½ inches long, by 16 inches wide, by 17 ½ inches high.

What you get

  • Versatile and works with canoes, kayaks, Jon boats, lasers, paddle boards.
  • Heavy duty with flat free, vibration reducing, solid urethane tires.
  • Powder coated steel frame and spring-loaded kickstand
  • Low profile design with a cart frame that breaks down for simple storage.
  • Adjustable padded top bars and cinch strap included.

Every other weekend I wheel this down a 1.5 kilometer rutted and shingle dirt track. It bounces around, but never breaks, keeping my Jon boat stable. I’ve done that journey probably around 50 times in 2 years, and this Jon boat dolly is still working just like new.

No matter how wide your Jon boat, this dolly should take it easily.

You can see an example of a Seattle Sports product that is almost identical in the video review below.

#3: Best looking Jon boat dolly cart (200 lbs capacity)

If it’s style and design you like, then look no further than the Malone Clipper Deluxe. It can take up to 200 pounds in weight, so will easily take a 12-foot Jon boat as long as you are not too wide.

Of all the dollies and carts available online, this one has the best reviews at the point I published this guide – take a look at the Amazon prices, and read what other people are saying.


  • Load capacity:200 pounds.
  • Total weight:10 pounds.
  • Dimensions:29 inches long, by 14 inches wide, by 7 ½ inches high.

What you get

  • Universal frame supports canoe or kayak or smaller Jon boat
  • Includes airless “Never-Go-Flat” removable 10” tires
  • Oversized padded frame protects boat and includes stabilizing locking kickstand
  • Includes tie down straps

Whilst I think this is a great product, it might not be able to take the width of your Jon boat, so make sure you measure up and do a little research before you buy it.

#3: A cheaper Jon boat dolly cart (165 lbs capacity)

If you can’t stretch to pay for the Seattle Sports Paddleboy above, then the next recommendation I include is a Jon boat dolly that a close friend of mine owns.

It’s called the OxGord cart and trolley and can sometimes be picked up for over half the price. It looks like it means business and has a better look to it than the Seattle, but it might not last as long – I base that on my friend having owned 2 of these in the space of 36 months.

The first one he had a wheel break up after a year. Since that he’s not had any issues, but if there’s one complaint from him, it’s that the Jon boat doesn’t always stay as securely on it as he would want. It can slide through the strapping sometimes. 

However, don’t let that one experience put you off as the Amazon customer reviews for this dolly are some of the best you will find online.

One thing though, it only takes 165 pounds in weight, so might not be enough for your Jon boat plus hunting or fishing gear.


  • Load capacity:165 pounds.
  • Total weight:3 pounds.
  • Dimensions:27 inches long, by 14 inches wide, by 18 ½ inches high.

What you get

  • Includes a cam buckle tie down strap to secure your kayak, canoe, or another small boat once it’s been placed on top of the trolley.
  • The dolly also features 10” all-terrain pneumatic tires along with a double leg kickstand for extra stability and easy loading.
  • Constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminum and features foam cushion on the bars to protect the kayak or vehicle from bumps, scratches, and other abrasions.
  • Dolly folds flat for easy transportation in your car, truck, van, or SUV. When folded, its compact size allows you to save space and to conveniently store the dolly in your garage or shed.

To conclude, I would say that this is bargain for the price. If like my buddy, your one does pack in after a couple of years, the price should be low enough to not make that a massive issue.

Having said that, the online reviews don’t make it appear that this tire issue is a common one – definitely worth the risk at the lower price if you have a smaller Jon boat that you need transporting.

#4: A cheaper Jon boat dolly with solid wheels (165 lbs capacity)

My last recommendation is purely based on what I have read online. As a disclaimer, I have not used the following product or seen it in action. However, the product description on Amazon of the Bonnlo ticks all the boxes for a smaller Jon boat dolly so worth a look.

Take a look at the Amazon reviews, which details what you see below in this spec.


  • Load capacity: 165 pounds.
  • Total weight: 16 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 27 inches long, by 14 inches wide, by 18 ½ inches high.

What you get

  • Solid tires with no chemical smell that are large full solid rubber to roll smoothly across sand and gravel.
  • Dolly is easy to assemble with no tools required.
  • It breaks down for easy and convenient storage or transport.
  • Part of the support stand features a 10 inch high spring-loaded stand which keeps the dolly cart propped up onshore for quick loading out of water.
  • It also comes with two 12 foot spare Tie-down straps. 

What else do I recommend you get?

Once you have the best Jon boat dolly to suit your needs, there are some additional accessories and gear you can’t really do without.

For starters, I recommend buying a decent cover for your Jon boat to keep pests, rain, and dirt out of the boat when sat in storage or on the dolly.

I’ve put together a guide to the best Jon boat covers, no matter what size of boat you own. If you want something in a camo colors, look at these camouflage cover options.

Once you have a cover, that’s the protection you need, and it will complement the dolly and trailer really well.

Next up, how about a new seat to go into the boat?

The seats that come from the manufacturers aren’t always that comfortable. I upgraded my own with a new swivel seat with a camo seat cover on it. You can see which Jon boat seats I recommend in this additional guide to seating.

Want to see more Jon boat accessories?

As well as the dollies, seats, and covers referenced above, I’ve also put a list together of every single accessory I use on my Jon.

You can see what those are in this Jon boat accessories list to see if you’re missing anything at the moment.

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The last word…

If you don’t like any of the Jon boat trolley carts you see here, then keep your eyes peeled on the blog, as very soon I am going to be publishing a guide on how you can build your own. Many Jon owners might need something more heavy duty that can take the weight of your boat, and in cases like that sometimes it can be better to make your own DIY one.

Once that guide is live, I will publish a link to it here.