If you are looking for Jon boat seat mount ideas, then I recommend you check out my 3 top clamping options. In that guide I review the very best off the shelf products that you can purchase today, and cheaply too.

But just because they are cheap, it doesn’t mean they are not robust and rugged. They are all highly rated and reviewed, take minutes to install, and can be fitted to just about any Jon boat seating configuration and layout.

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However, if it’s DIY videos, images, and ideas you want, then I’ve compiled some of the best inspiration I have found on the Internet in the listings below.

#1: DIY swivel plates idea

This is one of the best DIY Jon boat seating ideas I have ever seen, found on a forum earlier this week, but dating back from 2009. It’s still very valid though, and is a great way to get seats into your existing benches.

As you can see, round holes were cut, tapped and threaded. Then plates made from Delrin were used and the seats mounted up top in order to swivel properly. Unfortunately you can’t slide left and right, but still very ingenious and a great hack.

idea 1a

DIY swivel plate idea from Matt on the Bass Resource forum.

idea 01

What the final result looked like once the seats were set on top of the plates.

#2: Beautifully fitted pedestal idea

This is probably the neatest example I have ever seen where someone has mounted seats into their Jon boat using a pedestal. Just check it out below, with a quote from the person who made this stunning looking mod.

“The only issue with the pedestals is that there are only 4 mounting holes. Check out mine below. 6 holes. I also cut a small hole in the side of the bench seat (matches hole in bow bench) so I could get my hand up and get nuts on the bolts for the pedestal. Very little foam needs to be removed. I finished the hole with the same “edge” guard used on bow seat hole.”


A stunning example of how good looking your seat mount pedestal could look with some care and attention.

Want to buy this pedestal?

In the example above, I believe the guy has used a Wise adjustable pedestal with slide. You can check the latest prices on Amazon, or click the product image shown here if you want to read the reviews on how people have used this Jon boat seat mount idea for themselves.

#3: The classic seat clamp idea

And then of course you have the classic approach whereby you simply buy a clamping system (see which I recommend). It’s easier, requires less modification and if you choose a decent kit such as Attwood or Alumacraft you should be zero problems.

idea 5

This is what a clamp with swivel looks like when mounted in a Jon boat.

#4: Pedestal swivel seat idea

In this example, check out the photo of this Jon boat being pulled by a truck. See how the user has set up pedestal seating on his Jon boat to get a really high fishing and vantage point.

I am not convinced over the stability of this one, but on the forum I found it the user commented that he built the floor up to mount the seat and pedestal. I am loving the homemade fishing rod holders too!

idea 2

This idea is an example of how you can set up a pedestal seat on your Jon boat.

#5: Another pedestal seating idea

I also found another example where a Jon boat owner had the idea of making his own DIY pedestals. It’s a 10 foot Jon boat as you can see below.

idea 3

Yet another example of where pedestal seating has been installed into a older Jon boat.

#6: Removable swivel base video idea

In this video the guy opts against a DIY solution, instead buying the right products (you can see those products here). He uses a pin and a base that then drills into the boat, being securely installed. Once that’s all set-up he uses what looks possibly like a Wise camo seat (see what I recommend) which fits universally into most clamping mounts.

#7: Jon boat seat installation idea video

I like this video, because the guys take extra steps to make sure that things are very secure, with no chance of the bolts ripping out. Bolts coming loose and tearing the aluminum can be a problem with Jon boats, but this guy seems to have a great idea on how to stop that from happening.

There is a downside to this video tutorial, and that’s the background music which makes it hard to hear what he’s saying. But you should get the general gist by just watching it in action. Go take a look below.

#8: Seat mount and carpet installation idea

This is just one video form a series where the guy shows in detail his modification ideas. It includes a lot of detail so grab yourself a coffee, sit back, and see how he does it. There are loads of videos on this guy’s YouTube channel so make sure you check them all out!

#9: Installing seats in a Jon boat on DIY mount platform

This is a great video with very clear audio and shows how you can build a platform and mount into your boat, whilst making sure it’s sturdy enough to not rip out and come displaced. Definitely worth a watch.

The last word…

You will need tools, you will need time, and you will need to spend a little money. Plus, you want to make sure that your project doesn’t lead to any stability issues in your Jon boat. But, all the products I recommend on this page, and on my seat clamps guide are the very best, designed to work, and designed to last. Go check them out and good luck with your modification project!