Over the last couple of years, I’ve put together a vast range of guides to show the best ways in which you can customize or pimp your pontoon boat, all of which you can access under the recommended gear section.

Some of them are very functional and “must have” practical items, and you can see a selection of those listed below. But it easy to forget why you bought your pontoon in the first place, which was probably to have fun. After all, that’s what pontoon boats are designed for. You’re spoilt for deck space, and the layout design means it’s possible to entertain and spend memorable days out on the water.

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The best memories of your boat will be the fun that you and your family had. So, with that in mind, I decided to compile what I believe to be the most fun pontoon boat accessories that money can buy, followed by the more practical items – and all into one place where you can access them. I hope you enjoy using these essential and fun accessories as much as my family and I do!

Fun Pontoon Boat Accessories for Families

Pontoons are a great family boat. Whether you have young kids, teenagers, or just a partner and extended family members you want to spend quality time with, nothing beats getting out on the water for a party or celebration on one of these vessels. Here are some suggestions that will really make the day one to remember.

1. Inflatable Tubes

Spend a fun day out on the water with an inflatable tube. Most pontoons are more than capable of pulling one person, and if you have more horse power on your engine you should even be able to pull a 4-person inflatable (read my reviews).

If you want to get started with this awesome fun activity then you would need one tube, a tow rope, and a willing volunteer who doesn’t mind getting wet! The best one you can buy right now is the AirHead Mach 2 towable tube which is one of my top-rated towable tubes.

2. Water Slide

If an inflatable tube simply isn’t enough fun for you, then you could consider an inflatable slide that attaches to the side of your boat.

You can see one here, it’s the Rave Sports slide. Slides are expensive compared to most of the fun pontoon boat accessories recommended on this page, but in terms of hours to fun ratio, I don’t believe anything really beats it.

I love my water slide as it’s given us three years of constant summer entertainment. If you want additional suggestions, then take a look at some more you might wish to consider. You will be the envy of every other pontooner on the lake once you get yours set-up and will have a long list of friends and family who want to join you for a fun day out.

3. Floating Volleyball Game

Once everyone has slid into the water successfully, how about getting some competition going with a game of water volleyball? This mini floating volleyball set is awesome. It’s best played with two people on each side… but I do advise tethering it to the lake floor with weights.

It’s inflatable, takes just seconds to blow up, and provides hours of fun. Oh, and it’s a cheap accessory as well that will take up no space at all on your boat. Go take a look.

4. Vinyl Graphics and Decals

One of the coolest things you can do to your boat is add vinyl decals and stickering onto the side panels. It will make your boat stand out from the crowd and will help to give it character out on the like.

You can either design your own or get a good designer to come up with something impressive. Read my vinyl decal guide to find out more, plus tips on how to get started. 

Fun Pontoon Accessories & Gadgets

I love my gadgets, I simply can’t get enough of them. Here’s a quick list of the fun pontoon boat stuff I always carry when on the water. Some fun, some practical, but all of them I use regularly and couldn’t do without them. You can probably see why when you take a closer look below.

5. Controllable Lighting from Your Phone

I’ve got lights on my pontoon boat that I can control using an app on my iPhone. I can even get the lights to pulse, fade, and change color in sync with the music being played. It’s truly insane and doesn’t cost too much money either.

You can take a look for yourself at the OPT7 lighting kit on Amazon. This gadget combine being an essential item from my pontoon boat accessories and fun combined into one cool piece of kit.

6. Diving Board

This won’t come cheap, but if you love the water and want a way to keep fit and keep cool on those hot summer days, then surely there is nothing in the cool pontoon accessories range that can rival a diving board. Yes, that’s right, a diving board… on your boat!

The best on the market is the Lillipad (view Amazon prices). Made from stainless steel and aluminum, it’s a serious piece of kit with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Fun for all the family, guaranteed!

7. Mounted Flag

You can mount a flag to your Bimini top or off one of the rails to proudly fly the American flag, or perhaps the colors of your favourite football team. To see which flags and mount holders I recommend, read this guide to flags.

8. New and Improved Speakers

If you like to host parties on board, then it’s essential that you have a decent sound system that’s going to play your music crisply and at the quality the musicians intended it to be heard at.

Most new boats now come with very good factory-installed speakers, but an older boat might need an upgrade. Here’s my guide to marine speakers, plus some information on how to install a sub-woofer into your boat.

9. Inflatable Kayak

Whilst most pontooners will be aware of inflatable tubes, not too many know that you can also buy inflatable kayaks. Having one of these on board gives you the opportunity to explore narrow channels or simply have more fun on the lake.

The Intex Explorer Kayak (see on Amazon) is the best that money can buy at this price, is made from a durable rubber, and has two seats meaning kayaking needn’t be a solo activity. 

10. LED Lighting (On-Deck and Under-Deck)

If you want your boat to really stand out from the crowd once night falls, then give some serious consideration to LED lighting. Simple to install, and offering a stunning look, they are something that should be used sparingly, but the effect is one you won’t forget in a hurry.

You would be surprised at how easy these cool pontoon boat accessories are to fit to your boat – but what are the best ones? Again, I’ve made it easy for you with my guide to LED lighting including what products come highly recommended.

11. Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speakers

If there’s one accessory my family and I always take on our boating trips, it’s our AOMAIS waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It goes on camping trips, vacations, BBQs, and anywhere else we want to play our music.

It’s rugged, is waterproof even when dropped in water, and can be hooked up to an iPhone or other Bluetooth device that can play music. It produces a great sound, so you can take it from deck, and then onto the beach once your anchored up.

12. Floating Water Pads and Mats

Simply tether this using a bungee cord to your pontoon and you’ve got an floating party extension off of your boat that all ages can enjoy. In fact, with some of the larger floating mats you can get up to 8 adults on board at any one time.

They don’t sink or flip, and some even come with cup holders. We even let our dog go on ours (here are some dog boat ladders by the way), but make sure he doesn’t chew the foam up. Go take a look!

Cool Pontoon Boat Accessories for Cooking

Some of the best fun you can have on your boat is hosting, entertaining, and partying. And food is a massive part of that. Here are some suggestions on some fun pontoon accessories relating to food.

If this isn’t enough for you, then you might also want to take a look at my recommended grilling accessories guide which hasn’t even more ideas. I’ve put also put some food ideas together you might fancy trying out.

13. Pontoon Grill

No pontoon boat is complete without having a grill on board. But choosing the best one to sit over your rails whilst you cook isn’t that simple, purely due to the massive range of products on offer. Here are the best grills that money can buy, with choices for all budgets.

Let me make it easier for you, as the best ones on the market are by a company called Cuisinart. They are the standard bearer for grills, with this model on Amazon being specifically designed to attach to your boat rails.

14. Grill Smoker Box

Do you like your meat to have that gorgeous smoky flavor? If you do then you can buy a smoking box that will sit on top of your grill, to produce succulent tasting meat that will keep your guests coming back for more.

This smoker box on Amazon is just the right size to be compatible with the Cuisinart pontoon grill, so it’s worth taking a look.

15. Remote Grill Thermometer

Nobody wants to get ill whilst on a boat, but under-cooked meat can be the primary cause of illness. If you want to make sure that your meats are cooked to perfection, then consider this wireless thermometer.

You can carry on doing other fun stuff on your boat, because once the meat reaches its cooked temperature, an alarm will go off so you know it’s time to serve up.

16. Boat Bar Caddy

This awesome gadget mounts on your pontoon rail or into a fishing rod holder, meaning drinks are easily in reach at all times! It comes with bottle and cup holders, plus a cutting board should you fancy preparing some summertime cocktails. Take a look at the Amazon reviews to see how well rated it is.

It’s made from the stainless steel, is UV resistant, and can fold up easily to store away once the party is over. Even if you aren’t planning on hosting any fun parties, it’s still a cool pontoon accessory for fishermen and families.

17. Yeti Coolers

If you don’t have the luxury of an on-board refrigerator, then you should opt for the next best thing, which is a Yeti Cooler. These are the most popular coolers in the pontooning world, and it’s easy to see why.

As well as keeping drinks and food cool for hours, it’s also the go-to cooler for fishermen who want to keep their catch cool whilst they cast a line for more. There are multiple different Yeti products available to buy, with my favorite being the Yeti Tundra 65 cooler on Amazon.

18. Captain’s Bucket Seat

If you’re sat in this bad boy, then nobody is ever going to be in any doubt about who is in charge. But it’s not just about looking good, this pontoon captain’s seat is comfortable and luxurious and designed to last.

For the latest prices and color options, view the Amazon reviews. Once installed you will wonder how you ever coped with sitting in the factory-installed seat that was previously in the helm.

If you don’t like the look of this particular seat, I’ve personally tested 5 of the best; read my captain chair reviews.

Fun Fishing Accessories

You might have bought your pontoon boat purely for wanting something comfortable and relaxing to fish from. If that’s the case, then here are my recommended accessories that you simply can’t do without to help you with your next catch.

19. Fish Finders

Fish finders are an essential accessory for any pontooner who wants to spend less time figuring out where the best fish are, and more time actually making a catch. They also double up as depth finders so even if you don’t fish from your pontoon, are a very handy and cool accessory for help with navigating shallower waters.

If you have already bought one, and are not sure on how to install it, then this guide here to installing yours should help.

20. Extra Livewell

Many pontoons will come with a livewell as standard, so this might not apply. Then again, I do know of plenty of fishermen (and women) who have an extra one on board.

With two livewells you have a great beer cooler too – who knew!?! Here’s a great one on Amazon.

21. Swingback Cooler Seat & Livewell

Talking of livewells, I’ve not seen anything quite as innovative as the Wise Talon Swingback cooler seat. Yes, it’s a seat, but also doubles-up as a livewell and cooler box when you pull the seat up.

Pretty awesome, not to mention darn useful. Go take a look!

22. Fishing Rod Holders

Pontoon boat rails are ideal for mounting rod holders to, and some bright spark has invented one that is specifically engineered to be used on our boat of choice.

Take a look at the Brocraft rod holder and clamp kit. It’s very good and won’t degrade due to the aluminum design.

23. Fishing Rod Storage Solutions

If your rods and poles are your pride and joy, then you want to make sure that they are protected when not in use, which is where an effective storage solution becomes essential.

I have put together an extensive guide on what the best ones are and where you can buy them from. You won’t regret it, especially if fishing is your thing.

Handy Hint: For a more comprehensive list of fishing accessories, click here.

Must Have Pontoon Boat Accessories

So that’s all the fun ideas out of the way, here some more practical ideas which will help to protect your boat against damage or help to keep you safe whilst out boating.

24. Bumpers & Fenders

You’ve spent thousands on your dream boat, only for some other careless owner to scrape theirs up against it, or for it to bang up against the dock. It’s heart-breaking, but you could have done something to reduce this risk, and that’s to employ the use of pontoon bumpers. You can find out what the best bumpers and fenders are here, including what size and how many you will need.

There are plenty available on the market, so head on over to Amazon or contact your local dealer for more information. Once you have them installed, you will need to attach them properly. I’ve got some guides for you to read including what the best bumper hangers are, and also bumper adjusters that you will need to consider.

25. Cup Holders

When you’re on your boat sometimes you need both hands free. And that’s where cup holders become an absolute must have accessory. You can buy cheap ones, or you can buy something that’s going to fit right in with the style of your vessel… like these dual pontoon cup holders on Amazon.

Made from stainless steel with a three-year warranty as standard, you can place them in between seats securely, or attach to your rails. It’s up to you, but you can’t say they don’t look awesome, just look at them!

If you don’t like the look of this one, take a look at the 5 best pontoon cup holders I have reviewe