Whether you’re relaxing on your pontoon boat, throwing a party, or doing a spot of fishing, you can’t beat having a beer or drink close to hand. Unfortunately, not all pontoon boats come with built-in cup holders, meaning it doesn’t take much for your drink to fall over and spill all over the deck.

When I first bought my Sweetwater, the first accessory I bought were some decent pontoon boat drink cup holders. I’ve gone through a few different types since, starting off with ones that clamped onto my rail mounts (which I still use for fishing) to now some more high-end ones that clip into the back of my seats.

I’ve even bought one of those small boat bars that clip onto your rail so you can serve up cocktails.

I’ve used them all and have an opinion on most of the cup holders on the market, including what’s best depending on what you’re looking to achieve.

As with any pontoon boat accessory, you can buy a cheap and nasty product that you might have to replace over time or go for something with a little more quality.

I want insert drop-ins instead as replacement pontoon cup holders

Before I get into the portable cup holders, some of you might be looking for replacement inserts and drop-ins. There are some on Amazon that should be compatible with your existing upholstery and holes, but please do check the dimensions before you buy them.