Over the last few years I’ve learned a lot about pontoon boats. Not just through owning one myself, but also through all the feedback I’ve received from other owners who read Pontoonopedia.

It’s fair to say I’ve developed and picked up a lot of pontoon boat hacks that can save you time, money, effort, and headaches.

And to save you the trouble of having to search the blog for the best pontoon boat hacks I’ve published, I decided to put the most popular ones in this one handy guide.

The best pontoon boat hacks

Below you can find cleaning hacks, storage hacks, DIY hacks, money saving hacks and more… all of which you can start using today to get the best from your pontoon boat.

Money saving hacks

Get more money when selling your pontoon boat

Read how you can prepare a used pontoon for sale and get more money from the buyer.

Tips for buying a used pontoon boat

But what about if you’re buying a pontoon boat? These hacks will help you get the most boat for your money and not get ripped off by the seller.

Save money on fuel with a caddy

Don’t pay premium prices at the dock when you can fill up caddies at a lower price.

Use less fuel with better gas consumption

Read these tips on how you can use less fuel when out on your pontoon boat. Hacks include some that you probably haven’t heard before.

Get a cheap capacity plate replacement

Has your capacity plate gone missing? Don’t pay over the odds as I’ve found a place that does them at rock bottom prices.

Hacks to prevent your trailer getting stolen

This is one of my most popular guides and gives you loads of different ways in which you can protect your boat trailer from scumbag thieves.

Cleaning hacks 

Clean algae off your pontoons

Don’t we all just hate the green stuff? It’s hard to remove as well. Don’t fret, as this guide will give you some hacks on how to remove stubborn algae from your tubes.

Remove vinyl decals the easy way