One of the best ways you can individualize your pontoon boat, is with a wrap. It’s not something I have done before but am considering it soon. I’ve not settled on anything yet but have spent some time looking at pontoon wrap ideas.

In the images and videos below, you can see some of the best example of pontoon boat graphics and wraps that I have found, which I hope will give you some inspiration or ideas on what you could do!

Top 19 pontoon wrap ideas

Below are what I believe to the be the best pontoon boat graphics and wraps that you will ever see. Most of these have been designed and wrapped on by professional vinyl wrapping companies, and where I can I’ve credited them for their work so you can visit their websites and possibly make an order if you like what you see!

1. Old Glory pontoon boat wrap from Car Wrap City

The people who owned this Voyager Pontoon Boat asked for a design that used the Stars and Stripes, but to give the illusion of movement. You have to say, that it’s been achieved. To get a quote for something similar, contact Car Wrap City in Texas.

pontoon boat graphics wraps cost

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2. One Nation Under God pontoon boat graphics from Fast Trac Designs

Continuing on with the flag theme is this next stunning example which incorporate the Stars and Stripes, but also includes a quote from the pledge of allegiance. This very detailed design is by Fast Trac Designs of Phoenix, Arizona.

pontoon wrap ideas costs

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03. Brown and golden swirls idea from Gator Wraps

I couldn’t find out if this vinyl wrap design has a name, but it looks golden brown, and it’s swirly. If you like that kind of thing, then Gator Wraps are your go to vehicle wrapping company. They are based in Ontario, California.

Gator Wraps

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04. Star and Stripes with eagle graphics from Gator Wraps

Another great effort from Gator Wraps, with this side vinyl wrapping of the American flag with the eagle. You can certainly see a pattern emerging here, with plenty of patriotic pontoon boat owners. Does this give you any ideas you could use on your own pontoon?

eagle graphics

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05. Colorful waves from Ink Wrap

Ink Wrap are based in Arizona, and have built up an outstanding reputation for amazing vinyl wraps and decals. I love this colorful example below. You can see even more on their website in their boat wraps section. Go take a look for more examples, and a few more from Ink Wrap featured lower down this page.

Ink wrap pontoon boat

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06. Pontoon boat rental design from Ink Wrap

This design was for a pontoon boat rental company in Arizona. With these graphics you’d never be in any doubt who to rent from if you see this out on your local lakes. It looks stunning and is a great way to advertise a business.

pontoon boat rental graphics wrap

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07. Food delivery graphics from Ink Wrap

Here’s another example where a local business has asked Ink Wrap to come up with a stunning pontoon graphic to help advertise their services. I love the fact that somewhere in Arizona you can order a burger and get it delivered to you via a pontoon boat. It sure beats taking your own sandwiches with you!

food delivery company graphics

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08. Dukes of Hazzard wrap graphics from Fast Trac Designs

Whoever came up with this pontoon wrap idea is an absolute legend. I didn’t notice at first, because my eye was drawn into the 01 number on the side, but look at the front of the pontoon boat? It’s got the grill on it just like the Dodge Charger from TV series… this. is. amazing. period.

Dukes of Hazzard

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09. Pontoon tube graphics from HS Sign Shop

In the idea below you can see how graphics can also be wrapped onto the pontoon tubes. Seeing this plough through the lake would be a unique experience. Looks awesome, I am sure you all agree!

tubes wrapped

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10. Pontoon boat paradise wrap from Car Wrap City

This custom vinyl pontoon wrap was designed by Tam Nguyen of Car Wrap City and can now be seen on a Texas lake. It incorporates a sunset design, perhaps giving the boat owner a permanent memory of a vacation they might have once had. Beautiful.

paradise pontoon wrap ideas

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11. Caribbean Soul from Signworks

Some pontoon boat graphics and wraps are designed to make a statement, and this one from Signworks of North Carolina is a great example of that. The boat is called Caribbean Soul, and you would definitely feel like you were in the Caribbean with this custom wrap design.

pontoon boat graphics cost

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12. Cultured Infidels vinyl wrap from Print Crazee

Print Crazee are a print shop based in Southern Illinois. They charge between $1,200 to $3,500 for a custom wrap design job. Sounds like a lot of dollars, but not when you see the work that goes into what they do, and the results that they get. You can see a photo of their Cultured Infidels project below, and then a video underneath that showing the process involved.

Cultured Infidels idea

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13. Bright colors and stars from Car Wrap City

Another Car Wrap City example now (these guys are good), with these wrapped panels with a custom designed graphic that includes a mix of bright colors which had to incorporate some Seahawks colors.

colors ideas

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14. Electric blue with skulls from Car Wrap City

Yet another stunner from Car Wrap City with their fully customized wrap on a Sun Tracker pontoon boat. The boat owner requested that the graphics included skulls,  cowboy hats and some smoke detail. The graphics and design were finished off with an airbrush style for a hauntingly cool look and feel.

blue with skulls idea

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15. Soaring Spirit from Gator Wraps

Another inclusion from Gator Wraps now. This is one of the most detailed wraps in this portfolio, with the eagle and forest imagery. If you want something this good, Gator Wraps offer finance deals to customers both in California and from further afield.

pontoon boat wraps and graphics from Gator

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16. Underwater hull business from Fast Trac Designs

Need mobile underwater hull services and pressure cleaning? Who ya gonna call? Obviously it would be these guys in Arizona. This is another portfolio piece from the Fast Trac Designs team.

underwater services

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17. Kona Kai Tiki Key West from Da Vinci Wrap Masters

A new entry here from Da Vinci Wrap Masters based in Chicago. I think the example below might be Photoshopped, but if the final live version comes out anything looking like this, then it is worthy of being one of the best pontoon boat wraps I’ve featured on this list.

hawaiian feel

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18. Custom boat graphics from WrapCo Graphics

Another video now, with this YouTube demonstration on how WrapCo Graphics of Illinois go about their work. In this film you can see how the graphics come fresh off the printer and then get prepared for installation. A pontoon boat wrap can make a huge difference to how an older boat can look.

19. Pontoon boat wrap from 619 Decals

And finally, one last video from the team at 619 Decals. In this film they demonstrate how they took the existing vinyl wrap off a tired looking pontoon boat, to replace it with a new custom design.

How much does it cost to vinyl wrap a pontoon boat?

So now you have seen some of the best pontoon wrap ideas and graphics I can find, let’s get into some more detail. For example, what is an average pontoon boat wrap cost?

Well, not many of the graphics companies will advertise their prices online, as in most cases you will need to get a bespoke quote depending on the size of your pontoon. Other ways in which the cost can fluctuate will be regarding who does the design.

For example, if you come with your own design already made up, that will reduce their design costs. It will be more expensive if you get a skilled designer to create something from scratch. However, Print Crazee in Illinois state they will charge between $1,200 to $3,500 for a custom pontoon wrap design and graphics.

I also saw a pontoon owner on a web forum saying the following.

“It depends on whether you just want the fences wrapped, or also want to include graphics on the pontoons. For both, you might be looking at a cost of $1,000 to $2,000 depending on how elaborate you need the graphics and design. If it’s jus the fencing, you could be looking at wrap costs of between $600 to $1,200.”

Does vinyl wrap work on pontoon aluminum?

Yes, it does, and I’ve put together a more in-depth response to this question which you can read here.

The beauty of vinyl wrap is reversibility. If you don’t’ like it, just use a heat gun and peel it all off. You can then change the colors when you want with little prep work.

Can you vinyl wrap a pontoon boat yourself?

This is not a project I have ever done myself. For me, it’s certainly something I would leave to the professional pontoon boat graphics companies.

However, some boat owners do it, and get great results. Here are some comments from people on social media who have taken the DIY approach.

“I would suggest measuring each panel with a fabric tape measure. That way you get the curves and draw the panels on a sheet of paper. That will save you time and money for your lay out to be done by a sign designer. Very easy to install also.”

“You don’t have to take the panels out of the fence. I just cut a little bigger then needed and trimmed off what I didn’t need. I then used a gift card to smooth out and work bubbles. The biggest thing to know is that you need some soapy water in a spray bottle to spray the panel first get it wet so you can work in the vinyl. All in all, took about an hour and a half.”

“It’s possible to buy textured vinyl graphics, but you will need to make sure they are printed on wrap vinyl. It actually has a textured backing to allow you to squeeze and press the air out through the vinyl. I have worked in the sign field for 24 years and vinyl is amazing to work with. You can ball it up and pull it apart, then heat it with a heat gun and pop it back to shape.”

The last word…

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these pontoon wrap ideas and vinyl graphics as much as I enjoyed finding them online. If you see anymore great designs then I would love to hear from you. Or perhaps you are a print company and would like your work featured. Whatever it is, get in touch with me and I will endeavour to update this page as and when I get new ideas to list.