It is possible to take a baby on a boat, whether that’s on a sailing vacation or even for a prolonged period of travel where you might be living onboard; currently there are no age restrictions.

But what does a baby need when living on a boat, and what are the things to best prepare for any trip, even if it’s just for a one-day excursion?

Let me help you, as I’ve done this before with my own kids, all of whom have grown up around boats.

Below you can see a list of all the things my wife and I recommend parents will need when taking a baby on a boat, followed by some additional advice for safety and fun. 

What does a baby need if living on a boat?

Read our tips below for what a baby needs when living on a boat, many of which will be suitable for shorter trips too.

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1. Baby seat, swing or bouncer chair

Young babies can sit down unsupported, but they can of course, sit into a well-designed seat. It will mean you can free yourself up to do other things around the boat; just make sure it’s secured, and you don’t take your eye off them at any point.

We personally loved using our baby boat swing seat – you can read more about that, plus see prices in the baby boat accessories list.

2. UV shade

You can drape a UV shade over the top of the baby’s bouncing chair. It doesn’t just stop the harmful UV rays from the sun getting to them, it can also help to prevent flies landing on them too.

Baby skin is very thin and is far more susceptible to sun burn that ours is, which brings me onto sunscreen in the next tip.

3. Baby sunscreen

Before I get into this, please note, sunscreen is not suitable for babies under 6 months old, so make sure you have a UV shade recommended in the first tip.

However, for babies older than 6 months, you can buy suitable sunscreen that is developed for their skin typ