I was talking with a few of my outdoor-enthusiast friends last week and the topic of float tube fishing came up. One of the guys at the table hadn’t heard of it and wanted to know more. Based on our conversation, I thought I’d compile a few of the things I told him into this short guide on “what is float tube fishing”.

Float tube fishing involves floating in a small inflatable watercraft whilst fishing called a float tube. Float tubes are small, portable, lightweight, and are also known as kick boats or belly boats. It’s like sitting in a floating arm chair, with your feet in the water.

Float tube fishing allows eager fishermen and anglers to get into secluded spots on the water to get into better areas, to then catch more fish – away from the crowds!

Aside from this approach to fishing being one of the most cost-effective options, it is also one of the more enjoyable outdoor pursuits I regularly take part in. I love it.

If you’re interested in it, then instead of splurging on a small boat or canoe for your next fishing trip, a float tube might be something worth considering.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about what float tube fishing is and how you can do it, too.

What does a float tube look like?

Here are some photos of what floating tube fishing looks like.