About Me

Hey Guys, I am Bill Lewandowski from Michigan.

I am really glad that you have visited the Pontoonopedia website.

I started my corner on the web back in 2016 after buying my first pontoon – a used Sweetwater.

Once I had my boat, I soon realized that perhaps things weren’t going to be as simple as I thought they were, with so many things I thought I knew, I didn’t actually know.

And finding answers to the questions I had and the problems I faced wasn’t always easy.

Whilst there is a load of information online, Facebook groups, and forums you can join and take part in, it’s not always that simple to find everything in one place.

Handy Hint: Want to know what pontoon accessories and gear I recommend currently? Click the gear section to see what you need.

So I launched Pontoonopedia.

On here you can find my view on things to do with pontoon boats, but also input from other people I have grown to know and trust over the last few years.

When not on the lake you can find me on my Yahamha, or playing in local bars in my band The Four Hamigos – I play guitar.

See you on the water!