You’ve been looking for a boat and you found one that meets your needs and your budget. The engine has over 1000 hours on it. How do you know if this is a good deal or a bad deal? In this guide I will explain how many hours on a boat is too many, plus lower down what the average hours are, and how find the hours on a boat motor.

How many hours on a boat engine is a lot? What you consider to be too many hours on a boat motor will depend, with some people say boat engines with over 1,000 hours will start to give you trouble. Most experts agree that a gas boat engine with over 1,500 hours is a lot.

A boat engine goes through a lot. Most people use their boats infrequently throughout the year. The engine may have a lot of years on it, but not too many hours – this can be a great deal if you can find one!

Although the number of hours logged on an engine can affect its performance and lifespan, there are other things to consider as well.

So, before you turn away what could be a good purchase, let’s look a little deeper at what factors determine how many hours is a lot on a boat engine.

What affects a motor’s lifespan?

While it may be easy to claim that the lifespan of an outboard engine is judged purely by the number of hours it has logged, that would not be accurate. Just as a used car may have high mileage and still be in great condition, a well-maintained quality boat engine can be reliable for well over 1,500 hours.

The aspects that will also impact a boat engine’s performance include:

  1. The age of the engine
  2. The type of engine: Gas or diesel?
  3. The type of engine: Two-stroke or four-stroke?
  4. The model of the engine
  5. How the boat was used
  6. Maintenance

1. The age of the engine

Most people don’t take their boat out every day during the year. Instead, most boat owners log in 50-75 hours a season. That being said, it is good to note that boat owners that live in places with more beaches and water, typically use their boats more and log more hours during a season.

If you are looking at a used boat engine from an owner in Florida and the hours are low, that might be suspicious.