If you are a yacht goer or just a lover of all thing yachts, you may have noticed that most are sporting black sails. Is there some crazy trend that you missed out on? Some conspiracy among yacht owners that only they know about? The question has baffled others like you as well!

Why do yachts have black sails? Many yachts sails are now made from carbon, which leads to better performance. Carbon is black, and therefore the yacht sails you see on the high performance racing vessels will be black. Black has also become a fashionable trend color for yacht sails even with those who don’t race.

Yacht sails made from black carbon fibers, among other materials, are durable and lighter than other materials. They also promote higher speeds when sailing compared to other sails. Yacht racers are using these sails in hopes of out speeding the competition.

Many yacht owners are seeking out black sails more than ever. The trend to use them for their carbon makeup and overall look pushes them to buy the sails. It can be hard to know whether the sails are worth the hype. Sails can be pretty expensive, so it’s good to invest some time into finding out if black sails are a smart purchase or not.

Why are yacht sails black?

1. Yacht owners want that black carbon look

Black carbon fibers are stronger materials that tend to hold their shape better than other materials like polyethylene. Thus, it is a sought-after material by many yacht owners for their sails. It doesn’t come cheap, so owners who have these sails are showing off their wallets too.

2. Black carbon fiber is a lighter material

Lighter sails mean that they can move with less wind to push it along. It also will help with the yacht’s overall weight that needs to be pushed along the water.

This is important for those who like to travel fast or yacht racers. A quicker yacht can be the deciding factor in what place you get while racing, which is important for those who have invested money into the race or their yacht.

3. Black is a sleek look for yacht sails

There is something about black sails that gives off a stylish aesthetic to any yacht sporting them. It also gives off an ominous look dating back to pirate ships that used black sails with crossbones to signal their dark intent.

Yachts may not be used for pirating, but it can still be a fun look to cater to when showing off your yacht.

4. Black is a popular color

Similar to fashion trends, yacht sail colors change every few years. Black is the current “in” color that everyone is raging about. Plus, it also gives the impression that your sails are made from black fiber.

However, you can simply dye other materials like polyethylene black to give this same look, while also saving yourself some money.

What’s so great about black yacht sails?

Here are some reasons why black sails are the superior sail color:

It’s very eye catching!

The black sails will single out any yacht sporting the sails. It can help yachts get noticed by other sailors or water goers.

This reason can make black sails an easy buy simply to get more noticed by others. Plus, if following yacht trends is important to you, then you will be following the current trend.

It shows off wealth

Black sails are often made from black carbon, which isn’t a cheap material for yacht sails. Many yacht owners will be paying the price to own these sails if they are truly made from black carbon.

Again, you can always dye your sails black if you’d rather have the look but don’t need the carbon benefit.

It’s a sleek look

Most sails are made with a combination of materials. These materials tend to show when sails are lighter colors, so the black colored dye can make the sail look all one color. This can give the sails a sleeker look that can complement the yacht.

It also allows for others who want the color sail to dye their sails to follow the trend.

Should we follow color trends?

Mentioned above was how black sails are the on-trend right now. While you definitely don’t have to follow trends, it can be beneficial if you are showing off your yacht or participating in events where your yacht will be showcased. It can bring more attention to you and your yacht simply because the current trend is “in” and inspiring to others who follow it.

Similar to fashion trends, following the sail color trend can bring more attention to your yacht. This can be important for those who are competing and want more followers or fans. It is also important for those wanting to sell their yachts or sails since potential buyers will most likely be informed on the current trends.

If selling your yacht or sails is important, then following the current trends can help get you the sale. You may even get more money than if you didn’t follow the trend simply because the buyer doesn’t have to dye the sails or look for other sails that are the trend color.

Our society has become enamored with sharing our lives on social media. Following the current trends when sharing pictures of your yacht will get more social traction. Similar to how fashion trends tend to get more attention, your sails will also gain more attention to the color. This will also showcase the positive parts of your life.

A color can be a great form of expression, especially when related to sails. White sails were the trend for the longest time due to the aesthetic of them. You often hear white sails described in poetry, books, and songs. This carried the love for the color when sailing and even now can give the same relaxed and beachy feel when you look at pictures. Black has taken over that past trend and is quickly becoming the preferred color for sails.

Should you get black yacht sails?

This is a decision that you need to make based on your own ideals. Following trends and using faster sails may benefit some, but if those don’t matter to you, then don’t feel the need to get black sails. If you are attracted to the color and like the general look of them, then go for it!

A yacht racer may find it better to own black sails for both the marketing of their yacht as well as the added speed the carbon sails will give them. Some sailors also just like having the speed to get them from place to place faster. They have a definite reason to own them. So, if this fits your yacht life, then black sails make sense.

Alternatively, if you don’t like the look of the black sails, then don’t get them. You are free to use any color sails that you like best. Especially if your yacht is just for your use. Use the color that makes you the happiest, even if it isn’t the “in” color. The trend will likely change as the years go on, so you don’t have to jump on every trend simply because it’s a trend. You can just wait for the next one!