In this guide I want to talk you through an experience I had last year after an ant infestation on my boat. When I say infestation, I’m not exaggerating. There were thousands of ants in my pontoon boat.

I will take you through each of the the steps I took. You will learn how to get rid of ants on a boat with my tried and tested system.

To start, below is a little bit of background as to what happened to me, followed by the exact process I went through – plus the products I used to get rid of the infestation.

My boat ant infestation story and solution

Last summer I’d been away with work for a few weeks. I’d left my pontoon boat tied up at my local marina. The mooring cover was on and the marina has great security. I had great peace of mind.

But little did I know that the enemy I was just about to encounter upon my return was of biblical proportions, and cunning too.

I walked up to my pontoon boat, completely oblivious to what I was about to encounter.