You’re the captain of the pontoon boat. You deserve comfort, style, and functionality as you’re going to be sat down in it for very long periods of time. But is it possible to get all 3 of those in one seat or chair? Yes, it is.

I’ve got one in my Sweetwater having recently swapped out my older bucket set. As part of the selection process I went to a few dealers around my area and actually sat in a few different pontoon boat captain chairs to see which one I liked the most.

I finally settled on the 5 to review, with the first one listed being the one I bought. I am going to tell you why I recommend these below with my independent pontoon captain chair reviews. But that’s not to say my preferred seat is the right choice for you, as every captain is going to want something different.

Because of that, I’ve rated them for comfort, style, and many other factors that I believe contribute to these being the best pontoon captain’s chairs on sale right now.

1. Leader Accessories Premium Sports Bucket Seat (Flip Up)