The other day one of my pontoon buddies asked me what I knew about solar powered pontoon boats. At that point I couldn’t tell him too much, as I’d never really seen one, or checked any out at trade shows. This needed to change!

As a result, I spent all of last week researching as much as I could into them, including how solar pontoon boats work, why you would own one, what solar pontoon boat kits are like, and more.

Below is my solar powered pontoon boat introduction and guide which answer every conceivable question you have about them. 

What is a solar powered pontoon boat?

It’s the same as a traditional pontoon boat from a design perspective; open deck space, flat bottom, pontoon tubes, and so on but with some key differences relating to power.

In simple terms, you will have solar panels, batteries and even an electric motor giving you a solar pontoon boat.

Just like standard pontoons, these boats are ideal for leisure, fishing and perfect for