Over the last few years I’ve seen just about every single bass boat power pole. What I didn’t realize though is that not everybody actually knows what one is. In this blog post, I’ve put together a very rough and introductory guide to power poles with some simple explainers.

What does a power pole do on a bass boat?A power pole is a shallow water anchor that slides silently into the water with the push of a button, meaning you should be able to fish more successfully from your bass boat.

Bass boat power pole overview

A power pole on a bass boat is designed to quickly and quietly anchor you down providing you with stability and the ultimate chance to catch more fish.

With just the push of a button the anchor quickly deploys using both hydraulic and electric systems allowing you to go from a slow drift to being anchored and secured.

bass boat power pole

This is a bass boat power pole in action.

You no longer have to worry about backing your boat up to where you just cast, you don’t have to worry about spooking fish or losing your catch because you are trying to control your boat and your rod.

The power pole solves a lot of issues for anglers and makes the trip that much more worthwhile.

That’s not all you need to know though!

There is a lot more to power poles, starting with how deep they go, to how much they cost and how to install them. Keep reading and you will find out all you need know.

What is a power pole used for?

Using a shallow water anchor such as a power pole can help bass anglers a lot. Knowing how and what you can use them for could change your fishing game and make it a lot easier for you to fill your boat up with a hefty catch.

Power poles aren’t a standard feature on bass boats, so you do have to pay an additional fee for the system and installation if you can’t install it yourself.

The power pole works by a hydraulic pump that forces a fiberglass spike into the bottom of the water which steadies the boat and holds it in place.

The power pole has a range of benefits that you can take advantage of. A few ways you can use a bass boat power pole include:

  • Instead of looking for that mildewy rope that is hidden away to tie your boat to the dock, you can use your power pole. When you are loading and unloading your boat your just deploy your power pole and your good to go, whether you are parking your trailer or retrieving it. This is such a great asset for those who often fish solo.
  • You can anchor down a few inches away from the dock to prevent damage from rubbing. This is really useful when it comes to competition and there isn’t enough dock space for everyone, and the wake of other boats is bashing your beauty against the docking or even other boats! You can anchor down and prevent any damage without a hassle in the world.
  • No matter how prepared you are, or how much of a pro you believe yourself to be there is always going to be that possibility of a snapped line and re-rigging bait. Instead of missing out on a great finishing spot as you are sorting out your gear, you can deploy your power pole and have the chance to fish in the bass hole you just found.
  • You’ve hooked on your first fish and realized you have found the perfect fishing spot but you need to stop drifting! You can deploy the power pole, reel in your catch and continue to fish that hole for hours without spooking the fish.
  • The power pole is also great for steadying your boat. Whether you are dealing with wake from another boat or a fish that is pulling you around, you can just anchor down and concentrate on what you are doing.

How to install a bass boat power pole

Installing any piece of equipment can be a struggle, but when it comes to the power pole they truly do have the consumer in mind. With great customer service and a very detailed instructions you should be able to install it yourself.

First off you will be sent a couple of brackets that attach to the transom or bolt down on the motors jack plate. It only takes a couple of minutes to secure these brackets into place. Then you mount the poles themselves to the brackets.

This is much easier when you have a friend to assist and will only take a few more minutes.

After you have installed the brackets and poles you have to decide where the holes for the hydraulic lines are going to be, as well as where the pumps are going to be installed.

Use a bit of painter’s tape on the surface of the boat where you are going to drill the holes.

The tape prevents any possible sliding on the surface. Then all you have to do is run the lines, seal the holes and finish mounting components.

All up it should only take you around an hour for each unit from start to finish.

Do you need a power pole?

Deciding if a bass bot power pole is going to suit you and your budget is the next step. There are a few things you need to take into consideration to be able to make an informed and accurate decision that is going to be worth the price tag.

What you need to consider when purchasing a power pole includes:

  • Your boat – The weight and size can determine if you need a model that is a little longer or a little sturdier to be able to handle the additional weight.
  • The depth – If you are going to usually be fishing in water that is 8ft deep, a 4ft anchor isn’t going to be sufficient.
  • One unit or two – You can get by just fine with one unit and it does it’s job well (a single power pole has the ability to stop and hold a boat that is 4,500lbs and 28’). However, the current and the wind will affect the direction the bow will face. There are a few added benefits of having two units. You have more control over the boat and its approach without having to be concerned about the wind and the current.

When it comes to power poles, many anglers prefer the power pole brand over other shallow water anchoring systems. A few of the best ones that come highly recommended include:

CM1 vs CM2

There are two main classifications when it comes to Power Poles, CM1 and CM2. There are a few differences to each system:

  • CM stands for C-Monster Control System. This is a wireless marine protocol.
  • CM1 use a 400mghz signal
  • CM2 use a 900mghz signal (increased range and response time from wireless controllers)
  • CM2 has a two way communication features between wireless controllers and pumps. This enables confirmation of any button pushed within the system.
  • CM1 and CM2 are not compatible. This is due to the fact that they work on different frequencies.
  • CM2 have heavy duty fittings and hydraulic hoses that are specific for marine use.

How deep do power poles go?

The shallow water anchoring system is extremely handy when it comes to bass fishing. They are designed specifically for shallow waters and are able to lock you place in water no deeper than 10 feet.

However, this does vary a little depending on the size and model of the power pole you install. There are 5 different models that range from 4 feet to 10 feet depths.

Power pole vs rope and anchor

The old school rope and anchor is a perfectly fine method and has been used for generations. However, the use of a power pole can make things just t