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Buying a new trolling motor for a 24-foot pontoon boat will make a huge difference to your fishing trips. By using a motor specifically engineered for a pontoon this size, that will let you get on the fish and stay with them. You’re going to be catching far more than you ever did.

Deciding what size and power to buy isn’t that obvious, as there are so many different sized trolling motors on the market, all with different thrust, features, and specifications.

So what size should you choose?

The Best Trolling Motor for a 24 Foot Pontoon Boat Is…

My recommendation would be a 24-volt motor, with 80 pounds of thrust. That will be enough for a 24-foot pontoon boat.

That’s the the best trolling motor size for 24-foot pontoon boat, with my recommendation being the Minn Kota Terrova (see it here).

It will give you the right amount of power, GPS functionality so you can chart out plots, plus a remote-control unit. With a 24-foot pontoon, it’s very handy to have the wireless capability, as you could be anywhere on the boat at any point when fishing.

Unlike the similar MotorGuide Xi5 trolling motor, the Minn Kota Terrova has a screen on the handheld remote so you can see what’s happening at all times.

Handy Hint: You will also need an extra battery so you don’t drain the main one on your pontoon and end up not being able start the boat’s engine again. If you scroll down you can find my recommendation for a battery and charger that works with this trolling motor.

What Size Trolling Motor for 24’ Pontoon Boat?

Below you can find some essential information to consider before you buy. At the end of the guide I have included some FAQs that were sent to me via Facebook, with the answers that I gave at the time, where there could some additional considerations.

As I’ve already said, you want a 24 -volt motor which comes with 80 pounds of thrust, with the Minn Kota Terrarova being the recommended one. Before you buy though, here are some questions and considerations that you need to take into account. Figuring this part out is essential to making sure that you choose the best trolling motor for your pontoon.

1. Do You Already Have a Fish Finder?

If you already have a fish finder, then it can impact on what brand of motor you choose. The fish finder manufacturers work very closely with the trolling motor brands to make sure that the two are compatible.

This compatibility is going to be key, as it means you can buy a more advanced motor that comes with GPS functionality.

Why? Because it will let your fish finder chart out plots for the motor. You can also fully control the motor from the handheld portable fish finder console unit. That’s really useful if you are fishing from different positions on the pontoon boat and walking around the deck.

  • Lowrance fish finders: Compatible with MotorGuide trolling motors
  • Humminbird fish finders: Compatible with Minn Kota trolling motors
  • Garmin fish finders: Compatible with MotorGuide trolling motors (read this guide)

2. How Much Thrust Will You Need?

The biggest regret I hear from pontoon boat owners buying trolling motors is that they wish they had opted for more power and thrust. Pontoons don’t have the hydrodynamic design of a v-hulled boat, so need as much thrust as you can give them.

There is an age-old way that boaters have calculated how much thrust they need for a trolling motor which you can see below.

Rough Calculation: Weight of boat in pounds divided by 100. Then multiply that result twice.

In real-world terms, if your 24-foot pontoon weighs around 3,500 when fully loaded, then the trolling motor size you need would be 70 pounds of thrust.

But, I want to up that estimate to account for any possibilities, which is why I recommend an 80 size with a 24-volt motor – with the Minn Kota Terrova being perfect.

3. What About the Batteries and Charging?

Opt for a deep-cycle battery. They help with longer battery drains, preventing a lack of power.

You use a battery because if you use the main battery on your boat, it will drain, and you might not be able to start up the engine again.

The best battery to use with your trolling motor is the Vmaxtanks on Amazon. It’s specifically designed to work with trolling motors on 24-foot pontoon boats, and is 100% compatible with the Minn Kota range.

You will also need to charge the battery and should choose a charger designed for marine conditions. Don’t buy anything cheap, as you’re going to be buying new batteries more often than not. With that in mind, the NOCO Genius is just perfect.

Recently Answered FAQs

Since publishing this guide, I have received a few additional questions via Facebook from readers of Pontoonopedia. I have listed those questions and my responses below. As you can see, my responses are pretty standard when it comes to 24-foot pontoon trolling motors.

“Hi Bill, what would be a good size trolling motor for a 24-foot party barge pontoon which I mainly use on lakes?”

Thanks for sending me a photo of your pontoon. I would opt for a 24-volt motor with 80 pounds of thrust. One thing to consider would be to also add a solar charger on top of outboard motor.

“I have a 24-foot Aqua Patio and want to put a trolling motor on the front. What size thrust should I get, will 70 pounds be ok? Any ideas would be helpful.”

I would say 80 pounds minimum with a 24-volt system. I do have pontooner friends who use a 70-pound motor and haven’t had any problems, but I’d always recommend an 80, and to be honest, if you can afford 112 plus, then do that.

Smaller ones will work until the wind picks up, then you will wish you had a bigger one.

“Hey Bill, I hope you can help. I just bought a 24-foot tritoon. What size trolling motors are you recommending for tritoons?”

I don’t own a tritoon myself, but one of best buddies does. He uses an 80 pounds trolling motor but tells me he wishes had gone for a 112. Prior to that he had a MotorGuide 12-volt with 55 pounds of thrust. It just didn’t last for trolling very long and it wasn’t strong enough.

“What kind and size of trolling motor would you recommend for a 24-foot Pontoon fishing boat? I don’t catch black bass fish, but mainly catfish, crappie fish, and white bass.”

I’d recommend a Minn Kota Terrova, 24-volt with at least 80 pounds of thrust. The extra power comes in handy in the wind, believe me, I’ve been there.

It comes with a foot pedal control on an 18-foot cord and a cordless remote. There’s also anchor mode, and what makes it really cool is the GPS learning mode that will repeat your path. They aren’t cheap, but I believe they are worth every penny.