Before I go into pontooning, the first thing that I used to think of when hearing the word “anchor” was the typical cartoon style anchor or in more technical terms, a kedge anchor – in other words, like the one you see in the photo above.

That just about sums up how green I was to boating before I got my first pontoon boat back in 2016! I didn’t realise at the time that there were different anchors depending on what you wanted to do, or where your boat was.

Now after a few years, I am far more knowledgeable, and have personally used most of the different pontoon boat anchors available on the market, depending on the conditions I’ve faced, or planned to take my pontoon into.

Handy Hint: If you’re new and a beginner, what this guide will tell you is about the different types of anchors available for pontoon boats. Each of them is better suited to a specific application.

For example, if you drop a 10-ton anchor off your boat you can rest assured that your boat will not move, in fact it won’t even leave the dock as it will become and instant submarine. Obviously 10-ton anchors aren’t suitable for pontoons!

This is why there are different types of pontoon boat anchors, with the modern-day products being designed to either bury, hook or wedge themselves in the mud, sand, vegetation or rock to secure the boat.

This then begs the question, what kind of anchors should you use for your pontoon boat?

Types of Pontoon Anchors – What Should You Choose?

There are far too many types of anchors to list in this article, so I will select the most relevant ones for a pontoon boat. As pontoons are not intended for the ocean this immediately reduces down your choices as to what’s best.

Due to the way that pontoon boats are designed, with the large vertical sides, the wind tends to push it around quite easily, this is why anchor selection is critical.

Here’s the list of the best anchors for a pontoon boat, depending on the conditions, and which ones I believe you should ch