Pontoon boating is easy, it honestly is. If you can drive a car, I believe you can drive a boat. But there is one small aspect that isn’t so easy to master; anchoring. In this short guide I will tell you how to properly anchor a pontoon boat, using the tips I’ve picked up over the last few years.

To anchor a pontoon boat properly, need to calculate the depth and get your boat into position properly. Then lower the anchor off of the boat’s bow and let it get hooked onto the bottom of the lake or river. Use a visual landmark to check for drifting. 

So that’s a very quick answer, there are a lot of intricate steps involved which I am going to take you step by step through now.

How to anchor a pontoon boat in 7 steps

Pontoon boats are very buoyant and can bounce around a lot. It’s essential skill to be able to anchor them properly.

For instance, the lowering of your anchor itself needs to be done in a certain way with the appropriate amount of slack in the rope.

To keep your boat from drifting, I have included a guide that is in-depth for any beginner or seasoned boater. These steps will help to keep your experience enjoyable and far from the rocks.

There’s been a time or two where I got a bit too close, all because I didn’t pay attention to the way that I was anchoring my boat. You can learn from my mistakes below.

Before you read the guide, watch this quick video tutorial on how to anchor a pontoon boat from a boat rental company (Winter Haven Water Sports).

1. Positioning of your pontoon boat

The first step in anchoring is to decide where you want to settle.

Ideally, this would be away from any banks or rocks where you could put both you, your passengers, and boat at risk.

You should also consider the wind; pontoon boats are very susceptible to being affected by these factors.

If your day out on the water is calm with just a little breeze, you don’t need to worry so much about which way your pontoon boat is facing.

If you are in a strong wind or current, you should face the nose of the boat in the direction of the strongest of the two.