I’ve been a fan of Below Deck since the first series aired on Bravo TV in 2013. I’ve seen every single episode including all the Below Deck Mediterranean shows starring Captain Sandy Yawn of the Sirocco yacht. Yep, I am a huge fan!

Sandy Yawn is an amazing woman, brilliant captain, and inspiration for women who want to get into the yachting world… but what is Captain Sandy Yawn’s age from Below Deck?

How old is Captain Sandy on Below Deck? Captain Sandy is 55 years old, with her date of birth being the 23rd of February 1964. She was born on a Sunday in Brandon, Florida, and has Pisces as a star sign.

Other Captain Sandy facts

Now you know Captain Sandy’s age, how about some other facts about this absolute legend of a skipper?

How old is Captain Sandy’s girlfriend Leah?

Whilst we’re on the subject of Captain Sandy’s age, how about finding out how old her love interest and partner is? If you weren’t aware, Sandy Yawn is currently in a relationship with the signer Leah Shafer…

How old is Captain Sandy’s girlfriend? Leah Shafer was born on the 27th of September, 1973, which makes her 46 years old. She was born on a Thursday and comes from Denver in Colorado. She has been in a relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck since 2019.

Who is Captain Sandy’s love interest?

But who exactly is Captain Sandy’s girlfriend Leah Shafer? We know how old she is, but why is she famous for singing? I have to admit I’d not heard of her before so did some research and here are some top-line facts: 

  • Born in California.
  • National anthem and gospel singer.
  • Was once married to comedian Ross Shafer.
  • Has a daughter with Ross Shafer. 

Has Captain Sandy ever been arrested?

You might have previously read on Pontoonopedia about Kate Chastain’s arrest history, which was covered extensively in the press, but did you know Captain Sandy also has previous?

Whilst the Captain Sandy Yawn we now know and love seems to be one of the more level-headed crew members on the Sirocco yacht, and is respected in her skipper status, she’s admitted to making mistakes in the past.

We know this because she made comments in one episode about being arrested for drinking and driving in her early 20s… but managed to turn her life around very successfully!

How old are other stars from Below Deck?

After researching how old is Captain Sandy, it made me wonder about the other stars from Below Deck on Bravo TV. Here are a few of the cast members and how old they are too:

  • Kate Chastain: 36 years old
  • Ashton Pienaar: 31 years old
  • Lee Rosbach: 71 years old
  • Simone Mashile: 25 years old
  • Nico Scholly: 26 years old
  • Brianna Adekeye: 28 years old
  • Jennifer Kristen Howell: 36 years old
  • Beverly Ulbrich: 52 years old

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The last word…

Where you surprised at how old Captain Sandy is? I was, as always believed she was a lot younger than she actually looks!

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