A few months ago my inlaws were on this amazing cruise of the Mediterranean. My wife and I were in charge of looking after their home for those two weeks, which was great! But the only problem was that their house was broken into. We went out for supper and when we arrived home, the front door was open, and most of their valuables had been stolen.

This was a terrible experience that we will hopefully never have to go through again but we needed to get hold of our inlaws ASAP as this was definitely an emergency! We didn’t want to ruin their holiday, but we needed their insurance details to contact their insurance company to sort things out for them before they got back.

But how were we going to do this? Was it even possible to contact the family on a cruise ship in an emergency?

I had to be a bit of research and this is what I found.

How to contact someone on a cruise ship in an emergency? Yes, it is possible to contact someone in an emergency on a cruise ship. Most cruise ships have phones available in the cabins that you can use to contact friends and family and some have a satellite service allowing you to directly phone the cruise ship in an emergency. It can be quite expensive though, so should just be used for emergencies.

The reason why it is expensive to use your cell phone on a cruise is that there are no signal towers out at sea, therefore you would have to use the ships cellular service or the ship’s wifi.

If you are trying to contact someone on board, most ships can be called directly in an emergency.