One of the more popular questions about bass boats is how wide they are. It’s an important factor if you are thinking about buying one. Whilst length and capacity are usually the most important aspect, the width of the bass boat beam also needs consideration before you buy.

On average, the best-selling bass boats are 95 inches wide. However, the width of the beam can differ between manufacturers and will typically be determined by the length of the bass boat, but that average width is very typical with the most popular models. 

12 average bass boat widths

So that’s how wide bass boats are on average, but what about the widths of the some of the best-selling models on the market currently. Here’s what I found:

  • Bass Cat Jaguar – beam of 94 inches wide
  • Crestliner 1700 Storm – beam of 75 inches wide
  • Crestliner PT 20 – beam of 96 inches wide
  • Lowe 20 Catfish – beam of 95 inches wide
  • Lund Pro-V 1875 – beam of 96 inches wide
  • Nitro Z17 – beam of 90 inches wide
  • Ranger Z521L – beam of 97 inches wide
  • SeaArk Bass Series BC 210 – beam of 94 inches wide
  • Skeeter FX21 Apex – beam of 95 inches wide
  • Tracker Bass Tracker Classic – beam of 77 inches wide
  • Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW – beam of 98 inches wide
  • Xpress Boats Bass X21 Pro – beam of 95 inches wide

As you can see from the examples listed above, the more popular bass boats will have a beam width of around 95 inches on the 17, 19, and 20-foot models.

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Why a bass boat’s beam (width) is important

The majority of bass boat owners categorize their boat by how long it is. They will compare and contrast 17-foot, 19-foot, and 20-foot boats all day long, but never really talk about the width (beam).

The beam width of a bass boat is critically important, and the wider the better.

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The more width you have across the beam, the more room you have inside, it’s going to be more stable, with better balance.

Another reason to go wider is that it will run a lot better in the type of shallow waters where you might be looking to fish compared to a narrow beam bass boat.

To conclude, if you have the choice between two similarly sized and spec’d bass boats, choose the one that is wider every time.

Want to buy a bass boat for the first time?

If you are thinking about getting your first bass boat, check out this video I found in YouTube which the guy developed for beginners.

You might not like his presenting style, but there are some very good tips in there on what to look for on your first time.