One of the most essential items and accessories that you should always carry on your inflatable pontoon boat is a repair kit.

I regularly fish in my local rivers and believe I know those waterways like the back of my hand. Unfortunately, experience has told me that this isn’t always the case, and in the last 12 months alone I’ve experienced three occasions where I had a tear whilst on a fishing trip.

Whilst it might sound a bit funny to suddenly start to notice your backside is starting to get a little bit lower, once those bladders to start to deflate, it can be very dangerous, and at the very least completely ruin your day’s fishing.

Handy Hint: No matter how safe you are, or how well you know the waters that you are fishing in, even with the aid of a depth finder, snags and tears will occur from time to time. 

I own a Colorado, and yes, the vinyl and PVC is very durable, but the bladders can get small holes in them from time to time, plus even start to deflate due to the natural way in which air escapes from any inflatable device.

The first time I had a small tear, I didn’t have a repair kit on me.