A couple of years ago I bought my first ever inflatable pontoon boat for fishing. Since then I have been lucky enough to river and lake test some of the best inflatable pontoon boats on the market and have a really good feel for what’s good, what’s bad, and what you should look for when shopping for a personal pontoon.

Before you go any further and start reading the reviews, please note that this guide only reviews personal pontoon boats, in other words, one man and one-person boats. In the coming months I will also be reviewing larger vessels and will link to those additional reviews once they are live.

Personal Pontoon Boat Reviews

But without further ado, let’s get straight into the reviews of the best inflatable pontoon fishing boats for sale on the market today, and reasons why one of these could be a great choice for you.

Classic Accessories Colorado XT Review

Colorado XT Review

  • Best For: Recreational Fishing Where Quality and Reliability is Important
  • Durability: 8/10
  • Design Look: 8/10
  • Price: Mid-Range (view Amazon prices) 

This is one of the best inflatable pontoon boat for the money deals you will find right now. It’s perfect for fishermen and comes packed with most of the essential features you would need to get started straight onto the water.

It’s a 9-foot inflatable pontoon boat like the majority of the models listed on this page and comes with all that you would want from a personal fishing pontoon. For example, you get two cup holders, two detachable foam fly patches, rod holders, removable kit bags, a waterproof trolling motor mount, and a basket to place a battery inside or for storage.

In terms of what you would want from an inflatable fishing pontoon boat, it does tick most of the boxes for functionality. What I also love about it is the anchor system. It lets you drop anchor once you have reach the best fishing spot, so you won’t start to drift.

The pontoons themselves are made from highly-rugged PVC which is designed to not only protect from tears but is also heat and cold resistant. Combine these factors, and you benefit from tubes that won’t warp or hopefully rip when in use.

What I don’t like about it so much is how long it takes to assemble. You need to put the steel frame together first, then attach the seat, and lastly inflate the pontoons. The total assembly time from scratch is around one hour. It’s easy but take a little time.

That means it’s never going to be the most portable model on the market. It’s more ideal if you are able to transport the boat in one piece on a trailer or have it near the water, rather than having to go through the assembly process each time. 

Another negative aspect is the seat. Whilst it is padded, after about two hours I started to feel uncomfortable. You do have some options here though, for example you could bring your own cushion along, or alternatively upgrade to a more comfortable seat in the future.

The more expensive Colorado XTS is much more comfortable compared to this XT model, due to the swivel seat it comes with, so you might want to consider the more advanced specification which I also review on this page.

And finally, the motor mount. It’s positioned at the back of the boat, just behind your seat. For me, that’s not an ideal placement as once you have a trolling motor attached you need to reach behind to steer. From an ergonomic perspective, that’s not ideal (people do modify this themselves though). I also found that once a battery and motor was fitted to the rear, there was a little bit of sag due to the weight distribution at the stern. 


  • Boat Weight: 77 pounds
  • Pontoon Length: 9 feet
  • Oars: 2 x seven-foot aluminum oars included
  • Carrying Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years 


  • It’s very easy and quick to put together in just minutes
  • It has rugged pontoons which are very tear and rip resistant
  • Comes with a transport wheel for simple launching
  • Lots of storage space for all your fishing accessories 


  • You might want to upgrade the seat, as it can be a little uncomfortable
  • The trolling motor mount is in an awkward position
  • The rear of the boat can sag with a heavy battery on board
  • It doesn’t come with a swivel seat, unlike the XTS model 

Colorado XTS inflatable pontoon review

Colorado XTS Review

  • Best For: Recreational Fishing, But Added Comfort and Flexibility
  • Durability: 8/10
  • Design Look: 8/10
  • Price: Mid to Upper Range (view prices on Amazon) 

What’s the difference between the Colorado XT and Colorado XTS? It’s just one thing, and that’s having a swivel seat included, hence the S in XTS.

Because of that, the inflatable pontoon boat reviews for the XT and XTS model are exactly the same, as it’s the same boat, bar the swivel seat… plus some brass oar locks.

But is it worth paying the extra money for the seat upgrade?

100% yes in my view.

It rotates around 90 degrees and means you don’t have to twist your body go get into a decent fishing position.

It also helps you steer, as you can swivel around to get a better grip if you have a trolling motor mounted to the rear. As described in the XT review above, the position of the motor can be a pain, but that issue is reduced by having the swivel seat.


  • Boat Weight: 77 pounds
  • Pontoon Length: 9 feet
  • Oars: 2 x seven-foot aluminum oars included
  • Carrying Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Includes the swivel seat not included with the XT
  • Same as the XT above 


  • Same as the XT above

Colorado on Amazon

Colorado Review

  • Best For: Recreational Anglers / Beginners Who Want to Spend Less
  • Durability: 7/10
  • Design Look: 7/10
  • Price: Low Range (view Amazon prices)

This is the entry level inflatable fishing pontoon boat from the Classic Accessories brand and is perfect for beginners who want a quality product, but still desire a boat with plenty of accessories designed to help you take that next catch.

In fact, it’s probably considered the best personal pontoon boat for the money by most boaters, and once you get yours, you’re going to notice loads of these out on the river or lake, if you haven’t already that is!

But what are the pros and cons?

Starting with the positives, it’s very stable, very comfortable, and comes with a wire mesh storage system. You can place all your much-needed fishing accessories in here, with 12 zip pockets for your smaller items whilst on the water.

With regards the comfort, yes you don’t get a swivel seat, but it is padded with some additional foot rests that you can adjust. You’re in a high sitting position, giving great visibility, and providing that you stand up every hour or so, you should be fine for a day’s fishing.

And of course, rod holders are so important, and the Colorado won’t let you down on that front. They can be mounted into three positions, so you should be able to get your poles to sit just right for you.

As with all of these inflatable pontoon boat reviews, it doesn’t come with a trolling motor, as you will need to buy that separately if you want an engine. But there is a mount to the rear, so you can attach one easily enough.

Construction and design is a massive consideration when choosing an inflatable fishing pontoon. And don’t think just because this is cheaper than the other models, you’re getting something that isn’t built as well – that simply isn’t the case.

Admittedly, the pontoons are not 100% PVC. It’s just the bottom halves that are, with the tops being constructed from nylon. That does put you at risk from tears and nips a little on the top of the tubes, but the price differentiation I guess needs to come into play at some point.

But, with bronzed oarlocks and a strong steel frame, you’re going to be able to put this through its paces with as much punishment you would expect to endure from a day fishing on the lake or river, with no concerns. You also have the Classic Accessories two year warranty to fall back on to as well, for added peace of mind. 

In terms of negatives, there isn’t’ much room under your feet or at the front of this small inflatable pontoon fishing boat. Generally speaking, storage is a little bit of an issue with it, and unlike the Colorado XT, it doesn’t have removeable storage bags which you can use for kit.

But, let me temper that somewhat. My friend is six feet one and weighs 240 pounds. He has never had any issues using this for a whole day of fishing when accompanying me with my XTS.

And lastly, how easy is it to set-up?

Unlike a frameless inflatable pontoon boat, it will take longer, but I would anticipate 30 minutes maximum on your first time as you get familiar with how everything fits together. After a few trips out, you should be able to get that down to between 15 and 20 minutes.

It weighs 71.5 pounds, so I would advise that you purchase a transport wheel or dolly to cart it to the side of the water, or have another person help you carry it with one pair of hands on both ends.


  • Boat Weight: 71.5 pounds
  • Pontoon Length: 9 feet
  • Oars: 2 x seven-foot aluminum oars included
  • Carrying Capacity: 400 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years 


  • Great for those just starting out, on a budget, or beginners
  • Well-constructed
  • Lower price point than other Classic Accessories Colorado models 


  • No swivel seat unlike the XTS
  • Not huge amounts of storage space
  • No removeable storage bags like the XT and XTS 

Sea Eagle 285 Reviews

Sea Eagle 285 Review

  • Best For: Anyone Who Demands Quality and an Easy Life [ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ]
  • Durability: 9/10
  • Design Look: 7/10
  • Price: Very Expensive (view Amazon prices)

The Sea Eagle frameless inflatable pontoon boat is a market leader, and one of the best around. But the price will reflect that, as it’s more expensive than the Classic Accessories range.

Sea Eagle is considered to be one of, if not, the leading manufacturers of inflatable river pontoon boats in the world.

But other than reputation, why would you buy it, and is it worth the money versus the Classic Accessories Colorado range?

Firstly, it’s frameless, making it far more portable and easy to assemble than any other personal pontoon of a similar size. The lightweight and portable nature means you can deflate it, pack it down, and have it back in the small bag in no time at all. There are literally no parts that you need to assemble.

It’s well made and light enough to carry almost everything that you need for your fishing trip, yet still rugged enough to cope with anything you throw at it. And that includes hidden rocks underneath the water’s surface.

In terms of the ease of use, because there is no heavy frame to assemble, you can get the Sea Eagle 285 inflated in around five minutes at the side of the water – and bear in mind, you didn’t need to use a trailer or cart to get it there. Simply carry it to the best fishing spot using the bag that’s included when you buy online.

With more than ample room for your fishing gear, it’s ideal for beginners through to experienced fishermen who want something easy, stress-free, and simpler to assemble and carry versus a rigid hull small fishing boat.

Whether you decide to just use the oars and row, or add a gas or electric motor to it, the boat is stable enough no matter the configuration – you can stand on it, cast a line, and reel the fish in, safe in the knowledge you are stood on a high-quality piece of engineering.

In fact, the marketing department at Sea Eagle claim to have assaulted the boat with a claw hammer without piercing any of the PVC or vinyl. That’s quite a bold claim, and I certainly wouldn’t try it myself, but suggests you are paying for something that will last.

Other aspects to get excited about include the Scotty rod holders, foot rest, repair kit, and various places where you can add gadgets and modifications to suit you and how you fish.

If I was buying from new today, and didn’t already own a Colorado, I would be getting the Sea Eagle 285.

But surely there are some negatives?

Yes, you would be right. As with any of the best inflatable pontoon boats listed here, there are some things to consider before you buy.

There have been some reports raised by existing owners in the Amazon reviews, that it can be a little wayward when the wind really picks up. Personally, that’s a negative for any type of small inflatable fishing boat as it pretty much standard across the board, so I don’t think it’s a unique problem simply for the Sea Eagle 285.

To summarize, if you want a small fishing boat, this is without doubt one of the best personal pontoon boats that money can buy. It’s a stable, portable, and simple to use vessel that delivers on virtually every single level.


  • Boat Weight: 42 pounds
  • Pontoon Length: 9 feet
  • Oars: Sea Eagle oars included
  • Carrying Capacity: 450 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years 


  • Inflates in 5 minutes, portable, no heavy frame
  • Comes with a foot pump and carry bag
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty (longer than the Colorado)
  • 180 day returns policy
  • Extremely durable 


  • More expensive than the rest 

Roanake Inflatable Pontoon Review

Roanake Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review

  • Best For: Those Who Don’t Want to Spend Much Money
  • Durability: 5/10
  • Design Look: 5/10
  • Price: Very Cheap (view Amazon prices) 

And finally, the cheapest of the lot, and what I consider to be the worst option. I am not going to go into too much detail on the Roanake. It’s one of the cheap inflatable pontoon boat available to purchase on Amazon, and I am honest when I say that I have never seen on in real life, so all I can go on is the online reviews I have read.

If I can summarize a little bit what other people are saying online a lot of the comments relate to encountering deflation issues, where the pontoons do tend to leak air more often than you would expect, sometimes whilst during the course of a fishing trip.

There are a few Roanake pontoon reviews that refer to it being a little flimsy, being a foot shorter than the Colorado, and not as well constructed as other brands and models. People also say that it has small design flaws which means it can create quite a bit of hassle to use.

If you really do want to save money, and want to shop for a cheap personal pontoon, then by all means take a look at it on Amazon, but please do your due diligence and read all the customer questions and reviews before you purchase.


  • Boat Weight: 43 pounds
  • Pontoon Length: 8 feet
  • Oars: 2 x six-foot aluminum oars included
  • Carrying Capacity: 350 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year 


  • The cheapest inflatable pontoon raft money can buy
  • Easy and simple to assemble
  • Very lightweight to carry 


  • Is only 8 feet long
  • Has reviews stating the construction isn’t up to scratch
  • No oar locks included
  • Only a 1-year warranty 

Do You Want a Trolling Motor?

Please note, none of these personal pontoons come packaged with a trolling motor. They will come with oars, and indeed, a mount for a motor, but the actual motor will need to be purchased separately if you want that functionality.

I recommend the Minn Kota Endura C2 30. It’s the ideal sized motor for the inflatable pontoon boats reviewed above. 

Why Buy an Inflatable Pontoon Boat?

The most popular reason to buy one of these personal fishing pontoon boats is their size. The lightweight nature, portability, ease of storage, and the fact that you can make modifications to them very easily, makes them ideal for explorers, adventures, sports enthusiasts, but above, for fishing.

They are just perfect for fly fishing, river fishing, lake fishing, and in fact, anywhere that you can cast a line (as long as it’s not on the open ocean water, but on an inland water way).

They are extremely safe as long as used responsibly and can be taken into narrow and hard to get areas on the water where the fish you want to catch are going to be hanging out.

In terms of storage and transportation, it’s so simple.

Some will be frameless, some not, but overall, the small inflatables can be packed down and up in minutes, as well as the blow-up times. You can pack them down so small that it’s possible to get them into the trunk of your vehicle. This is where the Sea Eagle has a massive advantage over the other personal pontoons.

Getting to and from the water is simple too, as a lot of them you can carry once inflated due to the lightweight nature. It’s also possible to purchase small hand-pulled trailers and carriers. These carriers let you pull yours to the waterside once it’s inflated with all your gear and equipment on board. You can also transport them in carry bag – they really are that simple and light.

Are there any concerns you need to be aware of before buying? In my mind, there’s only really one thing that can go wrong once you’re using yours on the water, and that’s tears and rips.

You can become snagged on rocks, or other hidden obstructions underneath the waterline. Whilst the PVC and rubber are very strong on all of the personal pontoon boat reviews listed here, it does happen.

In three years I have had around three punctures happen to me whilst fishing. As long as it’s a small tear, you can quickly fix the holes up with a repair kit which will often come with the boat, and then get it inflated again in minutes using a handheld pump. Carry both of these items on board with you when out fishing.

Personal Pontoon Boat Accessories

Depending on which brand and model you do decide to buy, chances are that it won’t come with everything that you need in the bundle. Every single person who owns one of these awesome crafts will have different habits, requirements, and plans on how they are going to be using theirs.

Inflatable pontoon boats are hugely versatile, and can be accessorized massively, with only real limit being your own imagination.

For an idea of the other items you might want to buy once you have your personal pontoon boat then I have made things easy for you. Take a look at this list of top inflatable pontoon accessories.

Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boats: Conclusion

If you love fishing, and love time alone out on the water, then you simply must buy one of these craft.

Whilst I personally own a Colorado, if I were to make the decision again today I would opt for the Sea Eagle. It’s an amazing craft, and ridiculously simple to use.

If you do buy one, because it’s frameless, you don’t have potentially invest in a cart or small trailer device to get it to and from the water. For me, that’s the clincher when it comes to deciding what to buy.

Handy Hint: If you are still aren’t sure, then I recommend checking out these stores which have a wide range of inflatable pontoon boats for sale which you can browse through and buy.