Inflatable pontoon boats are extremely flexible in terms of portability, transportation, and ease of use. Most owners fall into two distinct categories though; those that inflate theirs at the waterside, and those that like to take the boat fully-inflated and prepared already.

If you fall into the latter category, and I can’t blame you, as it’s much easier, then you going to need to buy an inflatable pontoon trailer either for your vehicle, or a hand trailer (also known as a boat dolly) that you can pull to the waterside. But which one should you purchase?

There are some real turkeys on the market, so don’t make the mistake of buying something that simply isn’t up to scratch and will be more trouble than help. Instead, read the following inflatable pontoon boat trailer reviews, where I rank and rate the top and best trailers to help you make your mind up.

Inflatable Pontoon Trailer Reviews

You should always look to buy something of high quality, with good reviews, and also one that’s built with the essential functionality and features that is going to get your personal pontoon to and from the water in one piece, whether being towed on a vehicle, or being pulled by hand.

The following trailers are all exceptional choices and include features such as anti-theft protection, portability, high weight capacities, safety features, strength, and durability.

Hand Trailer Reviews

Sea Eagle EZ Cart

You will probably already know the name Sea Eagle, as they manufacture some of the best inflatable pontoon boats on the market. They also sell a handy and small inflatable pontoon boat dolly and cart system that acts just like a hand trailer.

It’s called the Sea Eagle EZ Cart, weighs just 7 pounds, and can transport inflatables of up to 125 pounds. With a simple to assemble wheel system, you can throw it in the back of your truck or car and quickly get started once you get to the car park.

It’s rust proof, rugged, and is designed by a company who know all there is to know about inflatable pontoon boats – so it’s a great purchase, and at a great price.

Whilst not a trailer in the traditional sense, it will do the job at a very basic level. With a low price point, and great functionality, it could be just what you are looking for this year. Go check it out to see for yourself.

SeaMax Portable Hand Dolly Set

For something with a bit more stability, with a higher payload of 250 pounds, and a little bit more money, you could consider the SeaMax Portable Hand Dolly on Amazon.

It’s still lightweight but can extend to up to 10 feet in length, making it the perfect hand trailer size for most personal pontoon boats.

What I also like about it is that it comes with an optional hitch attachment letting you attach it to your vehicle for towing, but only when off road. So, it could help you get to those hard to reach places on private roads down to the river or lake… but at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. I stress, you cannot use this on the highway!

If you own an inflatable pontoon with a trolling motor and battery mounted, this hand trailer has the strength and structure to let you transport to the water without any risk of damage to your PVC and vinyl, by virtue of the strong bars and pads.

Stainless Steel Inflatable Pontoon Boat Dolly

This is a very basic looking inflatable pontoon boat dolly, but if you can look past the lack of design desirability, it’s a great choice. You can view the latest prices on Amazon and read any of the latest reviews.

It’s the heaviest duty of the hand trailers in this guide, with a payload limit of 160 pounds. That means you can throw your personal pontoon on board, load it up with fishing accessories, motor, battery and other kit, with no concerns over not getting to the water in one piece. In fact, one trip should be all it takes!

It can carry inflatable boats of up to 14 foot in length, so should be just the right sized trailer for 2-person inflatables or fishermen who carry a lot of kit to and from the water.

Vehicle Trailer Reviews

Malone Xtralight Trailer Package

Manufactured from marine grade galvanized steel, the Malone Xtralight won’t let you down, and is specifically designed for boats. It’s just over 11-foot long, making the ideal trailer size for most personal inflatable pontoon boats.

It’s quick and easy to assemble, and the Malone company are renowned for their excellent customer support, and always seem to be there to help you every step of the way. You can see what other people have to say about the levels of customer support by checking the latest Amazon prices on the Malone trailer (you will need to click the reviews link at the top of the Amazon product page).

Don’t expect to simply buy it and get going though, as it’s probably going to take you six or seven hours to completely assemble it – but once you do it’s well worth all of that effort.

Yakima Rack and Roll 66 Review

With 78-inch crossbars, locking levers, and motorcycle-style shock absorbers, this won’t just get your inflatable pontoon transported safely, but will also stand up well against most opportunistic thieves.

But you will pay for the privilege, as it is very expensive!

The online reviews are exceptional, and you can read for yourself what other people are saying by viewing the Yakima trailer on Amazon.

With plenty of room and a weight capacity of 300 pounds, it’s not just your personal pontoon that will be trailered up, but also camping equipment, fishing gear, and much, much, more.

One of the major reasons to buy this inflatable boat pontoon trailer is the fact it has a carry handle, letting you quickly convert it into a handcart once you’re parked up and need to get to the water.

It has a lightweight aluminum construction, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not going to be very stable when being towed on the freeway. The shock absorbers and straps will keep your possessions securely strapped down, as you can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

If there are any drawbacks to this personal pontoon trailer it’s the assembly process. They are notoriously hard to put together, but for most inflatable pontoon owners you’re going to be very used to assembling complex products. I would certainly set aside a day to do so though. Don’t expect to be up and running in an hour when buying from scratch for the first time.

Also Consider a Boat Cover

If you are going to be transporting and towing your inflatable pontoon on a trailer, then it pays to buy a boat cover too. It will protect your boat when in transport and mean you can keep everything strapped down and secure whilst on the road.

Newport Vessels sell a UV resistant boat cover which can be strapped and secured over any type of small fishing inflatable boat such as dinghies and personal pontoons.

It’s double-stitched, durable, with an elastic hem at the bottom coupled up with buckles and straps so you can secure it safely to your trailer once ready to drive.

Also Consider a Transport Wheel

In addition to buying a personal pontoon trailer, you might also need to purchase a transport wheel, especially if you have a long walk from your car to the water. They are simple to use, cheap, and let you pull your boat to the river on durable and rugged wheels.

You can pick one up on Amazon (see latest prices) if your boat didn’t come with one included when you bought your boat package. They will save you a whole load of hassle, so give it some serious consideration if you want easy access to the best fishing locations.


When you’re shopping for a vehicle or hand trailer, don’t go cheap and try to choose the lowest price. You might have spent over a thousand dollars on your personal pontoon, and it’s a bit of kit that deserves respect, and as much love as you can offer it if you want it to last for years to come.

Some of the cheaper trailers, handcarts, and dollies on the market aren’t great, and you want to limit any damage that could be occurred whilst towing your boat behind your vehicle or by hand. This is especially true when driving on un-even roads where bouncing can occur. If that happens, it pays to have an inflatable pontoon trailer that isn’t going to bash your boat to pieces. All of the recommended trailers and boat dollies above are well designed enough to limit that happening.

Buy one now. It will really help you transport all you need to the water the next time you go fishing and could be the best investment you make this year. It’s an essential accessory.