Over the last few months I’ve been compiling lists of boat names. One thing I’d not yet considered was names that relate to the Emerald Isle. Given I have some Irish heritage, I can’t believe I overlooked this for so long.

But that’s now about to change; I sat down for an hour and tried to come up with as many clever, creative, old, and funny Irish boat names as I could.

Some of these have actually been seen in Ireland by people and then mentioned on website forums. Others I just came up with myself for the craic.

Scroll down to see ideas you can use, whether it’s for your fishing boat, pontoon, or yacht… all of them are an ideal way for you to show your pride in Eire and Wolfland!

The best old Irish boat names

Let’s start off with some ideas that have a real Irish flavor, with vessel names constructed in the traditional mother tongue. Whilst these might not be strictly traditional Irish boat names ideas, they certainly suggest you know your history and heritage.

These ideas below might not be the best choice though. You need to think about how you might have to repeat your boat name over the radio, particularly in a distress call.

They are not easy to spell for most people, let alone pronounce, so might be worth giving some extra consideration over.

  • An Bradan Feasa (translates as the salmon of knowledge”, taken from Irish folklore)
  • An Faoilean (translates as “seagull”)
  • Beal Inse (translates as “the entrance to the island”)
  • Biddy Met (translates as “strong wind”)
  • Iolar na Mara (translates as “the eagle of the sea”)
  • Leoithne Farraige (translates as “sea breeze”)
  • Ramhar Spor Bean (translates as “fat bottomed girl”)
  • Tinneas Farraige (translates as “seasick”)

Whilst you’re here, did you know that there are some names you cannot use. Check this list to see which the US Coast Guard have banned.

Funny Irish boat names

The Irish are renowned for having a wicked sense of humor. Boat names are a great opportunity to show that off, with puns being one of the most popular vessel naming choices.

I’ve put some funny Irish boat names together which should raise a wry smile the next time you pull into the dock or marina.

  • 4 Stroke Clover
  • B-Yacht’ch
  • Back, Sack, and Craic
  • Banjaxed and Broke
  • Bog Trotter
  • Christ on a Boat
  • Eejit Overboard
  • Feck Orf
  • Half Irish Half Fish
  • Mar dhea (translates as “yeah, right”)
  • On the Shamrocks
  • Pint of Gat
  • Ramhar Spor Bean (translates as “fat bottomed girl”)
  • Sucking Diesel
  • The Salty Swallow
  • Whiskey Chaser

For more funny ideas, take a look at this huge list of dirty boat namesthat some people might deem to be offensive. But you can still get away with using them!

More good Irish boat name ideas

The ideas below are particularly clever or creative, but the help firmly nail your colors to the mast. With a name like the ones below, nobody will be in doubt where your allegiances and heritage lie.

  • Irish Fever
  • Irish Girl
  • Irish Hurricane
  • Irish Lady
  • Irish Luck
  • Irish Mist
  • Irish Myst
  • Irish Roots
  • Irish Rose
  • Irish Rover
  • Irish Spirit
  • Irish Viking
  • Irish Wake

Irish fishing boat names

As an island nation, you won’t get too many inhabitants who won’t enjoy casting a line. Below are some ideas for fishing boat names, which whilst they aren’t particularly themed towards Ireland, could still be a great choice. 

  • A Fish Too Far
  • A Fishin Sea
  • Anchorman
  • Cast and Cruise
  • Catch 22
  • Error 404 Fish Not Found
  • Filet-o-Fish
  • Fishful Thinkin’
  • Fishy Business
  • Flounder Pounder
  • Misty Dawn
  • Murphy’s Lure
  • Reel Deal
  • Sea-Battical
  • Shenanigans

I’ve published a mega list of 157 of the best fishing boat names. Take a look through those ideas for additional inspiration. 

Clever Irish boat names

Here are the last of my ideas. I tried to be a bit more creative here, with some clever Irish boat names some of which use old traditional sayings and words from the mother land.

  • Begrudgery
  • Craic of Dawn
  • Far Beyont
  • Happy Out
  • Hooligan
  • Leprechaun
  • Luck of the Irish
  • Nautical Naggin
  • On Me Tod
  • Sea Banshee
  • Sea Shamrock
  • Sea Shenanigans
  • Splitting the Stones
  • Tenter Hooks

Naming your boat is fun

Coming up with a name that means a lot to you, reflects your personality, and suggests your heritage and passions is a great process.

Tradition states that there is a lot of superstition involved. I don’t particularly buy into that, but I do know this will be one of the most interesting aspects for a new boat owner.

The bottom line is; go with something that you love and something that means a lot to you.

If you are still struggling for inspiration, then here are some other lists you can explore which might make the process easier.