For reasons only known to Sun Tracker, they don’t publish owner manuals for their boats publicly available to download from the Internet.

It’s a long-standing frustration for Sun Tracker pontoon boat owners, including those which own the Party Barge and Bass Buggy models.

However, if you contact Sun Tracker directly, or your own dealer then they might be able to email you a PDF version of the Sun Tracker owner’s manual for your specific year and model.

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To contact Sun Tracker direct please use the following contact details.

Customer Relations
(417) 873-4555
Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST

Corporate Center
(417) 873-5900
Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST

Mercury Marine
(920) 929-5040

Alternatively, you could contact one of the many nationwide Sun Tracker dealers who in many cases will be far more helpful than the manufacturer themselves.

Sun Tracker Pontoon Owner’s Manual Notes

Below are just a few selected comments from Sun Tracker owners who have tried to download and locate PDFs of the latest manuals for their specific year and model.

Be aware that owner’s manuals for pontoon boats do tend to be very generic, and in many cases almost useless.


It’s because there are so many models, years, and variations that the manufacturer’s find it almost impossible to keep manuals current and up to date.

Most of the time, if you do manage to get a Sun Tracker owner’s manual sent to you it will mainly contain generic advice, legal warnings, and not much else.

In fact, the most useful things you should try and track down would be owner manuals for your electronics and outboard motors. Those can be picked up and found on the manufacturer websites for the specific parts themselves.

“We recently bought a 1998 Sun Tracker 25-foot Party Barge. We are looking to replace some of the seating on the boat and have been measuring up but am not convinced we have all the dimensions correct. We got in touch with Sun Tracker, but they were not much help, so are wondering if anyone on Pontoonopedia has access to the owner’s manual for our model and year?”

“I have the exact same problem after buying a 1997 Sun Tracker Signature 25 Party Barge and managed to get them to email me a PDF download of the manual. In all honesty though, it wasn’t really much help and I found it way better to simply hop on Pontoon forums and ask questions from existing owners there instead.”

“My wife was given a used Sun Tracker Party Barge 25′ by her father and we have zero experience in boating so really could do with finding a Sun Tracker boat owner’s manual to download from somewhere. We have been unable to get one from the manufacturer or a dealer so can anybody else help us out?”

“It’s very hard to find owner manuals for the Party Barge range online. Especially those made in 1998 and beyond. When you buy a new pontoon from this company you tend to get a manual for the radio and motor but nothing really relating to the boat itself.”

“Best thing for you to do is to find an owner’s manual for the motor of your pontoon and any of the electronics such as radio and GPS that are pre-installed. In my experience finding downloads for this manufacturer is nigh on impossible.”