A pontoon boat has a delicate fuse box and wiring system that can mean sweet relief from the heat or sheer anger when it isn’t working correctly. Not every pontoon boat will have a typical fuse box, but all will have a control panel where the electronics are controlled.

Where is the fuse box on a pontoon boat? The location is typically underneath the seats or main console panel. If you have an older pontoon, it will resemble the fuse box in your home. On the boat, it could be a small box or a large assortment of wires.

Tackling the fuse systems on a pontoon boat can be a headache inside a nightmare, but there is no need to lose sleep over it. Below you’ll learn the best ways to service your pontoon boat fuse box and electrical system.

Pontoon boat fuse box locations

The best place to begin searching for the location of the fuse box is the owner’s manual. Inside the pages of the manual, you will find many essential things about your boat, like:

  • What kind of fuses it needs
  • How much power it generates
  • How to troubleshoot electrical problems

Today, most boat owners have shunned the large fuse consoles that came in the 80s and 90s. A fuse box, or fuse block depending on the boat maker, connects the electronics aboard your boat to the power source, the battery.

Once the wiring is run to the battery, a set of switches will section it off from the circuit breaker. When a boat is in the dock, the power is cut completely to conserve energy.

It must be a heavy-duty box that can withstand the assault that being on the water can give. For this reason, and aesthetics, a popular trend is to place the board on the back of an exposed instrument panel.

A bonus of having the group hidden behind the wall is its proximity to the water. If a tiny wire becomes electrified inside the boat and is coated with water, all the passengers could be in danger of electrocution.

Automotive wiring has been bred into pontoon boating motors for an easier transition for mechanics. The shift has made the central instrument console the home for any electronics running on the boat. Your boat might not have a pontoon boat ‘fuse box’ to speak of. It will have a series of toggle switches that control the flow from the batteries, and these could have fuses and circuit breakers attached.

How to replace the fuses in a pontoon boat fuse box

If you have an older pontoon boat, there’s a chance you may be in a bind l