This advice isn’t your classic website where you will see someone list out the 10 best waterproof Bluetooth speakers for boat in 2018, and then try to make you buy with big buttons or any of that salesy garbage.

Instead it’s a few recommendations from me, a genuine boat owner, on what I have personally found to be the best speakers to be used in a marine environment.

The recommendations will depend on what you want to get from your purchase and how you’re going to be using it on your boat.

I own a pontoon and have gone through around 3 different portable Bluetooth speakers on my boat down the years and have finally found a few options that ticks all the boxes so wanted to share those with you.

It’s hard to throw sound around in an open area such as a boat deck, or out onto the water so that’s where your main challenge will be when choosing what to buy.

Before we get started though, let’s just make a few clear points on what you should be looking for in boat Bluetooth speakers.

  • Has a waterproof rating to IPX7 standard at least
  • Has a long-lasting battery life given it’s a wireless speaker
  • Has a re-chargeable battery and charger unit
  • Has portability so it can be used on the boat, beach and possibly home
  • Has sound loud enough to overcome water and engine noise
  • Has sound quality clear enough to be heard when you are in the water
  • Has possible floating functionality is you want to use it in the water

If you aren’t sure what IP ratings mean, scroll further down the page as I’ve put together some guidance on what the different numbers give you.

But ultimately, you want something that is going to withstand being dropped in water, so don’t go any lower than IPX7, and IPX8 if possible – plus choose speakers that can throw a clear and crisp sound at the distance you need.

Based on those guidelines above, let’s take a closer look at some different scenarios which should suit you and what you would want from wireless Bluetooth boat speakers.

Ultimate Ears MegaBoom

  • Price Bracket: Higher, but great quality (view Amazon prices)
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
  • Shockproof: Yes
  • Re-chargeable battery life: 20 hours plus
  • Speakers: 360-degree sound with rich deep bass
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Range: 100 foot
  • Heard over a boat motor: Yes
  • Does it Float: Yes
  • Sync’ing: Buy more than one and pair them together
  • Dimensions: 226 mm long, 83 mm wide
  • Weight: 93 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

UE MegaBooms are superb, and if you buy two of them you can play music in stereo for your own portable dance party all from the same source.

They hold a charge for a long time and should have ample battery power for a couple of days boating.

I’ve heard reports from other boat owners where they have dropped them into water for 5 minutes, and it was dragged down to a depth of 20 feet and they have still worked.

Does it float?

Yes, but I would recommend you buy the smaller Ultimate Ears Roll 2 for that as it comes with a floating device.

The Roll 2 is a smaller waterproof Bluetooth speaker and is cheaper. If you did lose it on the water, it wouldn’t be so annoying, and you won’t have lost as much money – I review that a little lower down the page.


The UE MegaBoom is the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the entire UE range and is ideal for the majority of boating scenarios.

It’s the best speaker choice if you want loud music for when you might host a party or get together on your boat.


Because it’s slightly larger than other UE speakers it can kick out a lot of bass and a decent volume, enough to be heard over your boat’s engine and the noise generated by a larger group of people.

With 20 hours or more of rechargeable battery life, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last on a 3-day boating trip, fishing expedition, or weekend away partying on a lake.

And for the best audio experience, I always recommend you buy two, and that goes for any of my recommendations on this page.

For example, I personally own two of these and have them paired up together on my pontoon boat. I love them.

Yes, it is a little more expensive than other marine suitable or boat Bluetooth speakers, but you really do get what you pay for.

If you do decide to buy then I would also recommend that you purchase the carry case, as this will give you that added level of protection when carrying to and from your boat or wherever you decide to take it.

JBL Charge 3

  • Price Bracket: Medium (view Amazon prices)
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX7
  • Shockproof: Yes
  • Re-chargeable battery life: 20 hours
  • Speakers: Kicking bass and exposed woofers
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Range: 30 foot
  • Heard over a boat motor: Yes, but not as good as the UE MegaBoom
  • Does it Float: No
  • Sync’ing: Buy more than one and pair them together for stereo sound
  • Dimensions: 231 mm long, 88 mm wide
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Warranty: 1 year 

Before I upgraded to the UE MegaBoom this is what we used to run in our pontoon.