Anchors for personal pontoon and inflatable fishing boats are a completely different proposition to the ones you will find on an aluminum pontoon. You need something that’s going to be lightweight and portable, but strong enough to keep you steady whilst casting a line.

The best inflatable pontoon anchor system and kit for a small inflatable pontoon is the Sea Eagle Mushroom Anchor Kit with Cleat on Amazon. It is perfect for fishing in rivers and lakes where you need to secure your inflatable into mud, silt, sand, or any other soft bottom.

It works really well due to the raised lip, as this will catch and grip when you need it to most. Manufactured from cast iron, it’s heavy enough to keep you in place but still light enough to carry on your personal pontoon without having to worry about weight overloading.

You can buy just the anchor by itself, but the product bundle I have linked you to above (click on the image of the anchor kit you see no this page) comes with a cleat and rope, meaning you have everything that you need in one product.

What’s Included?

  • 8-pound PVC coated mushroom anchor
  • 25-foot-long 5/16-inch anchor rope
  • Anchor grip cleat (you will need to drill this in if you use it)

Alternative Personal Pontoon Boat Anchor System

The Sea Eagle mushroom inflatable pontoon anchor system is really popular, and whilst it’s a Sea Eagle product, it can be used with any personal pontoon, including the Classic Accessories range such as the Colorado models.

Due to the popularity, it does tend to sell out quite quickly, so if it’s not available on Amazon today you’re going to need an alternative solution.

The one I would recommend is virtually identical to the Sea Eagle anchor but doesn’t come with the rope and cleat. It’s the Norestar Mushroom anchor on Amazon.

Again, it’s compatible with all small personal pontoon fishing boats, is cast iron, and has a vinyl coating for hull protection.

As mentioned, you will need to also purchase an anchor line to go with it. You can pick up an anchor line on Amazon relatively cheaply. Given the price when you combine the anchor and line, it does make sense to purchase the Sea Eagle anchor kit system and kit if you can.

Who Should Use Mushroom Anchors?

Mushroom anchor systems are only intended for lightweight boat such as kayaks and inflatable pontoons. Do not ever attempt to use this on a full size aluminum pontoon. These are not designed for larger vessels, and you will need a proper pontoon anchor for bigger boats.

They don’t have massive holding power but are the perfect option for small boats that are going to be making short stops, such as fishing, in water areas that have soft ground.

Due to the design, which as you will have guessed by now, is like a mushroom, there are no sharp edges or blades. This makes them ideal for small inflatable boats as it won’t puncture or tear into PVC and vinyl pontoons.

How to Use an Inflatable Pontoon Anchor System

These anchor kits are really simple to use once you know how.

If you opt for a system which comes with a cleat or grip, then before you next take your inflatable pontoon boat out, you will need to drill that into the frame (if you have a frame-based boat) or find another place to secure it to.

Once out on the water, the first thing you need to do is find a place where you want to anchor down. Position your boat facing into the current or wind – whichever is the strongest at the time.

Next calculate how deep the water is. If you have depth finder or fish finder, this will be a case of simply checking on the screen. Essentially though, you just need to understand how much of the anchor rope you are going to need to let out so that you get a good grip on the lake or river bottom. If you don’t have a let out enough line to get a good grip, you do run the risk of a capsize.

If you have a trolling motor, cut the engine, and secure the anchor to the grip or cleat (if using one) at the part of the line where you want it to stop.

You can now let the anchor gently go into the water. Don’t make the mistake of throwing it in as this can make your anchor rope get into a mess.

The wind and current will drift the inflatable pontoon which will make the anchor sink to the bottom and eventually take hold when it takes grip.

You can now start to wrap the anchor line around the cleat or grip. If your personal pontoon boat anchor system doesn’t come with a cleat or grip, then instead secure the line around part of the frame of the boat, or even an accessory like a fishing rod holder mount.

When it comes to moving on, pull the anchor in an upwards motion, give it a quick rinse off in the water, and you’re good to go.

These anchor kits are small enough to then be stored in a bag or alternative storage baskets you should have on board.

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