With summer swiftly approaching, there’s no better way to get out and onto the water than on a pontoon boat. For those who have yet to experience life aboard these awesome boats, they allow you travel upon the water in comfort and, more importantly, in style… and there really is no limit to what you can and can’t do with them.

They aren’t sometimes referred to as floating patios for nothing, as virtually any entertaining you can do in your backyard, you can probably do on a pontoon… within reason!

If you are asking yourself “should I buy a pontoon boat” this summer, but are still undecided as to making that final decision, let me give you 11 reasons to buy a pontoon boat and why owning one will make the perfect addition to your life.

Reason 1: You Can Travel on the Water in Style

Pontoon boats allow passengers to stand up and walk around without having to squeeze past others or seats! With their open floor plan, the seats on a pontoon are usually at either side of the boat, ensuring you can sit opposite one another and talk without having to shout.

You may want to take advantage of the glorious sun and catch a few rays, and perhaps even take in a spot of fishing. If it’s a sunny day and the sun is too hot, then relax under the shade of the Bimini, or cool down into the water using a water slide.

Whatever your choice, there’s no denying that spending time aboard these boats is the penultimate in relaxation, and is the major reason to buy or own one.

Reason 2: There’s Loads of Space Available

You would be amazed at how much storage space you can find aboard a pontoon boat. This is great when you want to store items that you take out with you on a regular basis or just general stuff that you don’t want to keep lugging back and forth to the boat each time you head out, such as heavy blankets and utensils.

Many pontoon boats also come with essentials such as coolers, fridges, and tables, with some even having stereo systems and even USB ports as standard! Even if you don’t have all these gadgets on the boat you buy, it’s not that hard to accessorize your boat once you own it.

This means nobody should ever get bored on board, so to speak, even when they are in the middle of a lake or river and miles from civilization!

Many pontoon owners like to extend their space with enclosures which you can purchase from almost any outdoor store and add on to the room, even in some cases adding an additional portable toilet or pop-up changing room should you wish to extend you stay on the boat!

Reason 3: Customize or Pimp Your Pontoon

Not only do these wonderful boats come in a variety of model choices and sizes but they are perhaps one of the better options for customizing. What better way to stake a claim on your boat than to tailor it entirely to your own tastes by pimping it up?

Better still, if you intend to do this, this allows you the freedom to purchase a basic model, perhaps at a cheaper rate, and then add to it as you please. You can then spend more on the customization side rather than on an exact model type.

LED lighting

Pimp your pontoon in style with some LED lighting.

Whether you want to start adding your own soft furnishings to the interior or overhaul the entire outside of it to suit your tastes, these boats are great for do-it-yourself projects and renovations.

Some of the ideas you could think about include:

Reason 4: They Can Be Easy to Maintain

Pontoon boats are designed to last and once you purchase one, provided you look after it well, you should not need to do much in the way of maintenance.

Where there is work to be done on these boats, it will typically relate to keeping the aluminum tubes clean from algae. You can read how to do that here.

What’s more, when you have finished on the water for the day, you just hook up your boat to a trailer and drive away – with no special treatment required other than making sure you have a decent cover for your boat, and winterize it before storage.

Reason 5: Pontoon Boats are Great for Social Events

Pontoons can be cause for a great social occasion! In fact, since buying a pontoon boat, my family and I have made so many new friends – with most keen on trying the boat out for themselves as soon as they find out you own such a treasure!

These are the perfect boats for families and a safer option with children because you can keep an eye on them when they are all in the one area, and many have high side rails for them to lean on when looking out to the water…. or how about pulling them along behind?

Reasons to buy a pontoon boat

You can pull your kids behind. Maybe not the dog though.

Ultimately, this means the whole family gets to experience a great day out on the water, with everyone catered for and all enjoying the time spent together on board these wonderful inventions!

Reason 6: You Can Even Cook on Board

Cooking is fun and easy on a pontoon boat, with a wide variety of grills available to buy that simply hook onto the rails. If cooking isn’t your thing, then take something prepared earlier.

My wife and I have put together a list of pontoon boat food ideas that should give you some great inspiration on what to take with you for your day trip.

Reason 7: They Are Just Perfect for Fishing

So far, I’ve just focused on the entertainment side of things, but my pontoon boat is my little escape from the world too, as I use it extensively for fishing – either by myself or with a buddy.

The flat platform, trolling motor, and easy access to all sides of the boat, make it ideal for catching fish in the lake or river.


Bring your fishing gear – you’re going to need it.

If you want to know more then read this guide I wrote about what the best pontoon fishing boat is. If you are still not convinced, then take a quick look at the pros and cons to fishing from a pontoon.

Reason 8: Pontoon Boats are Manufactured in the US

There’s never been a better time to support the US economy, and with all pontoon boats being made here in the United States, it’s a vote for the American workforce.

If you want to know exactly whereabouts most of the major manufacturers design and build from, then read this post to see where pontoon boats are made.

Clue: A lot of them are made in Michigan!

Reasons 9 to 11

Wait, I thought you said there were 11 reasons to buy a pontoon boat?

Ah, so you noticed?

OK so here’s the thing. There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should buy a pontoon boat. I could sit here and carry on writing for weeks, but do you have time to read all that?

Possibly not.

So, what I’ve done instead is add a search function to the website.

All you need to do is type in any question you might have about pontoon boats, and chances are, you are going to find the answer on Pontoonopedia. Go take a look!

If you are still not sure if buying a pontoon is the best thing for you to do, then I would recommend that you go attend a pontoon boat show. Doing do will let you get up close to these magnificent boats, whilst being able to talk in detail to a dealer or manufacturer representative.

I truly hope that you do decide to buy a pontoon.

Overall, there is nothing not to like about them. With summertime on the horizon, there has never been a better time to buy one and experience the thrills of being a pontoon boat owner for yourself. I can guarantee you that this is one purchase worth the investment.

And if you still want to know more, read all things you need to know about pontoons.