Boats and drink go together like love and marriage, a horse and carriage. Who doesn’t like to anchor down and crack a cool beer open? Perhaps a little fishing, a bit of a grill? All of this always seems to be so much better with a cool and refreshing alcoholic beverage of your choosing.

If you love a cold beer, glass of wine, or gin and tonic with ice, but also love boats, then an alcohol themed boat name can be a great way to express yourself.

I’ve researched boat forums, examined my local marina and dock, and found as many of the best alcohol related boat names I could find. Below you can see those with sections for generic alcohol boat names plus boat names for beer drinkers and boat names for wine drinkers.

You can also see some photos of the best that I found on the Pinterest website (unfortunately I don’t know who to credit them for).

Funny alcohol boat names

Just to be completely clear; I do not recommend that you ever drive your boat when under the influence of alcohol. It’s the number 1 reason for boating fatalities in the United States. However, there’s nothing wrong with letting people know you’re a wine or beer lover with some of these funny boat names about alcohol below.


Probably the most famous alcohol and beer related boat name you will have already heard of!

boat names for beer drinkers

Let’s hope you don’t get this disease before you get the time to enjoy your newly named boat!

Liquid Assets

It’s an asset. It’s on liquid. Is it as important as the essential liquid assets such as drinking beer though?

Totally Sober

I’m not so sure the US Coast Guard would agree with this statement.

  • Aqua-Holic
  • Called in Sick
  • Eat Drink and Remarry
  • License to Chill
  • Liquid Assets
  • Liquidity
  • Scrumpy Vixen
  • Three Sheets
  • J & B
  • Kahlúa
  • Shaken not Stirred
  • Comfortably Numb
  • On the Rocks
  • Sir Ossis of the River
  • Ship Faced
  • Sea-Rossis
  • Mr Tip Sea
  • Whiskey Chaser
  • Hooked on Tonics
  • Gin Slinger
  • Gin n Tonic
  • Happy Ours
  • Sea Spirit
  • Southern Comfort
  • Liquor On the Rocks
  • Liquid Medication
  • Liquid Diet
  • Sotally Tober

Funny beer boat names

If you love your beer and ale, one of these funny beer boat names might just be what you’re looking for. Don’t blame me though if you attract unwanted attention from the US Coast Guard! 

Did you bring a beer along?

Did you bring a beer along? The captain of this boat sure hopes so!

  • Beer Hunter
  • Beer in Mind
  • Beer Money
  • Beer o’ Clock
  • Beer Run
  • Beeracuda
  • Blood, Sweat and Beers
  • Boatweiser
  • Dijabringabeeralong
  • Farfrompuken
  • Half Pint
  • Liquid Diet
  • Titties n Beer

Funny boat names for wine drinkers

If nothing you have seen yet quite hit the mark for you, and wine is your preferred tipple, then how about some of these funny wine boat names:

elegantly wasted

There’s nothing wrong with being elegantly wasted – as long as you aren’t in charge of the boat!

  • Dos Winos
  • Elegantly Wasted
  • Sip & Dip
  • Vintage Whine
  • Wine Cellar
  • Wine Down
  • Wine Knot 

Don’t mix alcohol and boating

In 2012, the US Coast Guard released their Recreational Boating Statistics that showed a decrease in fatalities from the previous year.

Whilst this was good news all round, it’s never good news to hear about deaths in the boating world.

How is this relevant to alcohol and boat names? Well, nothing to do with naming admittedly, but I still wanted to raise awareness that the USCG reported that alcohol and beer was the leading factor that contributed towards deaths in 2012, accounting for 1.7% of all fatalities.

The US Coast Guard state that all boaters should be responsible on the water including:

  • Always wear a PFD or life jacket.
  • Make sure you have taken a boat safety course.
  • Apply to have a free vessel safety check.
  • Never use alcohol when operating a boat. 

Need more inspiration?

That’s the end of my list of the best beer boat names. You might not have found something that appeals to you, so take a look at these further ideas that I have also published on Pontoonopedia, including:

The last word…

I hope that you have found some inspiration for an alcohol themed boat name in these three lists. Whether you are a beer boozer, a cocktail lover, or a wine aficionado, there should be something for you.

But please remember, do drink responsibly. Your boat should be tied securely to the dock when you bring out the booze, so you don’t end up being charged with a BUI. Don’t mix alcohol and boating. 

Disclaimer: I do not advocate or encourage skippering a boat whilst under the influence of alcohol, and this list of alcohol boat names is for entertainment purposes only. 

And lastly, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite poems that talks about beer and boating. Author unknown unfortunately!

“I wish I had a little boat, upon the sea to float, like a little graceful swan, but my money has all gone, on beer and curried goat…”