What better way to spend a beautiful summer day than taking a pontoon boat with a second upper deck, and sliding down into the cool water below with your friends? There are various rental companies around the United States offering them for hire, as well as a small selection available on sale from certain manufacturers.

Double deckers are also known as funship pontoon boats, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a term adopted by the Avalon and Tahoe manufacturers, and I am going to go into a little detail below on their best models.

What is a funship pontoon boat?

A funship pontoon boat is a standard pontoon but with one key difference. They have a secondary upper deck which has a slide attached, letting passengers slide into the water, or sunbathe on the top deck.

Designed with fun in mind, they are very popular in the pontoon boat party scene as summer rentals for hire, with them also being able to buy is you are a private owner.

As well as an upper deck and slide, they also tend to come with additional accessories to help get the party started such as high-grade marine speaker systems, remote stereo controls, additional sun loungers, and coolers for keeping the drinks on ice.

The ones highlighted a little further down the page are the best-sellers in the market right now, all of which are ideal for cruising and sliding.

Double decker pontoon boat manufacturers

Ever wondered who makes double decker pontoon boats?

I’ve put a list of manufacturers below. If you scroll down, you can see photos of their best examples, with a short review of each boat.

  • Avalon Pontoons
  • Harris Boats
  • Tahoe Pontoon Boats
  • Solid Craft Boats

What does a double decker pontoon boat with slide look like?

Below you can see what I believe are the current best funship pontoon boats on the market. Each has a series of photos, so you can see what they look like – I’ve also embedded a couple of videos too, so you can see them in action!

#1: Tahoe Cascade Fun